Achieving accolades in a short span

Achieving accolades in a short span
Dr Sravanthi with her awards

A doctor, who turned into an entrepreneur has quite an interesting story to share. Dr Sravanthi Ellasiri, who has always been passionate about doing...

A doctor, who turned into an entrepreneur has quite an interesting story to share. Dr Sravanthi Ellasiri, who has always been passionate about doing something on her own and being independent choose a path that made her what she is today.

Running a company named 'BOXWISH', she gives out marketing and promotion solutions to many players in corporate sectors in Hyderabad. Shining light on her entrepreneur journey, she narrates her story.

Tell us about your story

For me to change from a doctor to an entrepreneur is a big challenge. Being in a sophisticated and reputed profession it always matters to come into a different world where there is no acceptance from the family and well wishers. I strongly believed that I have a flair for marketing and can handle things in a better way.

I do not know the meaning of entrepreneurship, but I always wanted to follow my passion and so I came all the way to Hyderabad to pursue my passion in the business. I started my career with one business advice that I gave to an overseas consultancy where I worked as PR consultant.

Slowly I started exploring myself in the field of marketing. In this span of journey I made myself better in whatever work I do. When I was doing my internship during graduation I used to come here and work as a freelancer in different fields like ad agencies and media agencies.

My career started with 500 rupees as my first incentive and then I started understanding that I am very good at corporate marketing. As soon as I completed my graduation in 2017, I registered my company. I got a break in the form of a project with a German company where I converted the entire MBBS curriculum into 3D format, I signed up for it and became the channel partner in Andhra and Telangana.

I have done the project for six colleges in Hyderabad. Since then, I have been working with 60 companies out of which 22 are MNCs. There were lots of hurdles being a woman entrepreneur. I have manpower of 60 employees and will soon be extending it to 200, now there is a difference in the work that I do.

Tell us about your company

I have a firm named BOXWISH which is a business developing consultancy. It deals with corporate marketing, digital marketing and promotion. BOXWISH helps in giving out good and innovative marketing strategies.

You have struggled a lot to come to this position, share a little about your struggle as well

Women are not easily accepted as entrepreneurs. I usually maintain a dress code wearing a blazer. When I used to send my business card to anyone, they used to underestimate me as I am doctor and they would always question my decision to do marketing. There were calls that threatened me, to stop the work that I was doing.

I strongly believed in myself and wanted to achieve success. There were days where I did not have a meal for the entire day and this was because I chose this for myself. It was a battle for a woman in business. I left home to prove myself and now I can show that I was right, to everyone.

What happened when you left Nellore and your family to be an entrepreneur?

When I was studying I could convince my patients for surgery and talk to them positively. I started thinking that when I talk people place their trust in me and I wanted to use this talent in the field of marketing.

My parents did not know about this and all my family members were well educated and I was scared to share about my passion to them. Then I came to Hyderabad with a suitcase and 12, 000 rupees and started my battle. When I came to start my journey my mother received calls from people telling that I had run away with someone, but when I received my first award they were happy with my work. It sounds very easy when I narrate, but then I went through some really difficult times.

How does it feel to be one of the successful entrepreneurs?

I actually feel that I need to achieve lot more; I always favour women and talk to them into being independent. Till date I work round the clock; my day starts at 6:30 with reading newspapers and work till next day 5:30 in the morning. I sleep for less than two hours; a surprising thing here is that I barely slept for two years.

My doctors are also curious to find out and I believe that when a mind is set to work then you will never feel like sleeping. I believe that women have a power that no one else have. That is also the reason I have hired seventy percent of women in my company as employees.

What message would you like to give to budding women entrepreneurs?

I would say follow your passion, be financially independent. To take a step forward in the society many women hesitate. I want to break this chain. Every woman is not living for herself, but lives it the way society likes as she is scared. They must be brave to follow their dream. Every sleepless night and empty stomach will give you fruitful days ahead.

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