Banker with a paintbrush

Banker with a paintbrush

Banker-turned-artist Aasha Radhika did not let her profession come in between her passion. She is currently working as a manager in a bank and actively showcasing her artworks in solo and group shows…

Artist Aasha Radhika has been practising the art of Egg Tempera since the last two decades. She had more than 20 solo shows to her credit and many more group shows.

She has been studying the girl child, the pivotal role of women in various fields of life for her art.

Her paintings depict mostly the surroundings around her including her daughter, nieces, cousins and friends. There are also various elements of nature, birds, fishes and animals that find a place in her works.

She shares, "My schooling was mostly in Hyderabad and I did 11th and 12th in Bhopal. I started working with SBI in 1992 after my BSc 2nd year.

I also did my BA and MA in English literature." Asha has been painting since she was a child and is presently working as Branch Manager of State Bank of India, Nandagiri Hills, Hyderabad.

Regarding her inspiration and passion for painting, she says, "As a child, I was usually at home with my art. Various books on arts gifted by my uncle have inspired me and I have won many awards during school time. My mother has been my first inspiration.

Her embroideries have inspired me to a great extent. After attending summer classes at Narendra Rai Shrivastava, I took to serious painting.

I was drawn to Indian miniatures and portraits. As a child, I used to copy many of them. But eventually, my experimentation started with different media."

"My father SV Anjaneyulu has been my driving force and my mother has always been my first critic," she adds.

Asha Radhika is showcasing her Egg Tempera works at Alliance Francaise. "The present series of paintings depict the influence of our Indian mythology on children.

I have tried to depict the story of the influence of epics and movies and subconscious effect on human beings."

Her painting series 'MAYA…the myth' is all about the influence of myth on the girl child, women in context to the Telugu movie 'Maya Bazaar'.

She says everyone adores the characters involved in the movie; while these kinds of mythological movies influence the Indian households. The traditions involved are passed on to children.

Though there's no intentional learning involved every human being picks up ethics and morals. She has executed the works in Egg Tempera, acrylic and lots of silver and gold.

"Egg Tempera has been my most favourite medium as there is a lot of scope for experimentation. The textures and transparent or opaque effect derived from the same cannot be attained through any other.

I have learnt the possibilities from artist K Srinivasa Chari."

Sharing about her favourite artists she says: "There are many like Van Gogh, Klimt, Modigliani, and in Indian art space, KG Subramanyam, Arpita Singh, Kishen Khanna amongst others."

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