Driven by fascination

Driven by fascination

Fascination for photography has driven her from a hobbyist to professional. Now, she specialises in portraits and conceptual fashion photography

How did you come into photography?

I guess it was my father and then my elder brother who inspired me into this profession initially. They both were hobby photographers and we used to have Yashica SLR camera in the 80s.

It was during that time when I learnt to operate an SLR. The science of camera always fascinated me. And after a long time, a Kodak portable digital camera was gifted to me by my brother-in-law. It's been 15 years now. There's no looking back.

Other than photography what do you do?

Everything else is like a housewife taking care of my family and kid. Me and a group of Amigos hang out regularly. and love to explore and learn new trends in processing and concept inspirations.

What do you specialise in?

Technically all kinds of portraits and conceptual fashion. What I really like to present is the character and mood in a frame.

How do you handle gender bias in this profession?

Frankly speaking it works other way round for me. As most of my clients are girls, the comfort levels are pretty much high resulting in a better output.

What do your friends and relatives think about your career?

Initially, they never understood the concept of fashion photography but now as they see my work, they think I am in a great profession.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I will still be happily clicking and will have more international honours than now. More of my concepts will be fulfilled, and I will be more technically advanced.

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