Food for an ideal lifestyle

Food for an ideal lifestyle

It is very important for Indian women like all other human beings a balance of fats, proteins, carbohydrates combined with spices and herbs....

It is very important for Indian women like all other human beings a balance of fats, proteins, carbohydrates combined with spices and herbs. Unfortunately what I am observing today is that women are just looking at size zero, being thin as sticks not caring that their health and mind can go for a toss. Women need to have more body fat than men as it protects them from ill-health, mental stress and joint pains.

Here is a list of some foods she should add for an optimum lifestyle:

Whole grains: Make sure that you always include grains in your diet because they give you energy, fiber and satiate you. Be it jowar, bajra, barley, nachni, brown rice or whole wheat grains.These grains protect you from diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol and various heart diseases.

GGT: Please don't mistake it for GST, however as essential as GST is for the economy to work so is garlic, ginger and turmeric or GGT needed for your body to function optimally. They are your powerful antioxidants, the little soldiers that fight diseases and boost your immunity. Unlike our western counterparts who have suddenly woken up to these benefits we have always had this knowledge.

Fats: Ghee, coconut, nuts and seeds are all part of our Indian diet. We don't need bullet proof coffees to add ghee or coconut we can just switch to cooking in cow's ghee and garnishing our food with fresh grated coconut or tossing it in our curries and chutneys. Nuts added at breakfast or as a snack during the day is great fun.

Salt: Rock and sea salt contains 89 trace minerals more than common salt. So just replace your common table salt with rock salt and sea salt. Indian women tend to go low in blood pressure causing fatigue so sprinkle these in your meals.

Probiotics: These are essential for gut health and are generally found in fermented foods. In India it is part of your daily diet to have curd,idli's and dosa. So re-introduce them into your diet if you are not already consuming them.

Protein: Please don't go excessive on protein as they are very difficult to digest and leech the calcium from the body and damage the kidneys. A small quantity whether in the form of daals, pulses or peas, yogurt, paneer, fish or chicken works as your source of protein.

Vegetables: I like to tell people more the vegetables the merrier you will be. The lists are long and endless, but try to stick to your desi vegetables. Make them tasty by cooking in cow's ghee, fat and spices.

Fruits: A fruit a day is always a good idea. To be seasonal is a must. Fruits are your excellent source of natural sugar and help put a glow on our face.

Along with all of the above, make sure to have enough water throughout the day as it is the best cleanser for your body. All this is available since eons in an Indian Household. So let's aim to add them into our meals and reap their benefits without pushing up our


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