Handy tips to keep your Banarasi sarees timeless

Handy tips to keep your Banarasi sarees timeless

Handy tips to keep your Banarasi sarees timeless


The chemicals in your perfume may damage or leave a stain on the saree

We all love to flaunt our authentic Banarasi sarees. They are so regal and classy, that owning one owns an heirloom. But anything so precious requires careful upkeep and maintenance, your treasured Banarasi saree is no different. Since these sarees are handcrafted with the finest fabrics, one must take care of how they are kept clean and stored when not in use.

Namrata Agarwal, Co-Founder of Chinaya Banaras, shares some tips that will help you to maintain their shine and grace for years.

Always opt for dry cleaning

Getting pure silk Banarasi sarees dry cleaned by professionals is always the best option. Some fabrics get adversely affected by water and Banarasi silks could be one of them. Dry cleaning is done using certain chemical solvents that don't affect the original sheen of the fabric. Also, excess of anything is not advisable so it may not be required to get it dry cleaned after every use. You can just air dry the saree indoors after wearing it and reuse it a couple of times before you give it for dry cleaning. Excess chemicals may also change the original color and shine of the fabric so get the saree dry cleaned only when necessary.

Store the sarees in a cotton/muslin cloth

These opulent silk Banarasi sarees require a lot of care when they are being stored. It is best to wrap them in a cotton or muslin cloth and store them in a cool, dry place. Try not to store the Banarasi sarees stacked with other sarees. Simply use any old cotton dupatta to wrap the saree for storage. You should also open and refold the saree at regular periods to allow the original fabric to breathe. Also, please never use any naphthalene balls or any kind of chemicals with the saree.

Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat

Always avoid drying the saree in direct sunlight as the extreme heat can fade the color and even damage the fine threads of the saree. The heat could weaken the fabric and gradually it might start to come apart. Also, for the same reason always avoid extreme temperature when ironing the Banarasi saree. Always keep the temperature at low heat and keep a cotton cloth underneath when ironing the saree.

No metal hangers

The sarees should always be stored folded and stacked and not hung on hangers for a long duration. If you have to hang the saree, don't use any metal hangers as the metal hangers are prone to corrosion and that could leave permanent stains on your coveted Banarasi saree.

Avoid using perfume directly on the fabric

While perfumes are an unavoidable part of getting dressed up, it will be in your best interest if you avoid putting the perfume directly on the saree. The chemicals in the perfume may damage the saree or leave a stain.

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