Kanchipuram narayani silks - the pride of jubilee hills

Kanchipuram narayani silks - the pride of jubilee hills

Kanchipuram narayani silks - the pride of jubilee hills


From time immemorial, we Indians have celebrated weddings with gusto and extravagance.

From time immemorial, we Indians have celebrated weddings with gusto and extravagance. Elegantly draped in the finest representation of the Indian tradition, the bride at an Indian wedding is a breathtaking sight to behold. A saree accentuates the bridal charm and she becomes an object envy among the audience. The lustrous beauty and its incomparable variations complement the wedding splendor. Despite ever-evolving trends and modem fashion apparel, the saree pulls a strong attraction continuing to charm the people across generations. Popular world over, for its sheer variety of designs, weaves and outstanding quality, the Indian saree has remained indispensable.

Wedding is a long celebration

Indian weddings are colorful high energy affair that reflect a bustling environment of cheer and enjoyment. From dazzling decorations to the delicious food, every aspect of the wedding is a sheer spectacle. The mood is set at least a year before the big date. Likewise, the hunt for the dream outfit for the bride begin early with friends and the relatives of the bride running fingers over the gilded embroidery, twirling in front of the mirror during trials, soaking in the feedback on each outfit, finally a moment of silence from everyone and screaming in joy when the bride finds the perfect saree for the memorable occasion. Understanding that touching and feeling are the very essence of the world, Narayani stores are designed for the tactile experience as meticulously as the collections it houses. The stage is set for the bide-to-be to experience the lightness of the fabric with the intricate motifs that accentuate every turn into a sensory treat. Established in 2019, Narayani silks has opened it's second showroom in Jubilee hills on 6th April 2022, for the customers to look and feel at the garment and enjoy the most exhaustive wedding collections. Dedicated to offering traditional silks and contemporary sarees to all occasions, specifically for weddings, the showroom near Pedamma temple at Jubilee Hills boasts breathtaking collections.

Understanding the Purity in Diversity

Indian wedding dresses are as diverse as the cultures, religions and regions that add up to the vast country. The delicate and elegant piece of work, composed of intricate patterns, sequences, etc. make the finest example of the tradition for the most important occasion. Every single saree at the showrooms is handpicked with extraordinary care to match the tastes and preferences of our clientele. Narayani silks goes extra mile to bring some of the best and most authentic creations, backing on the expertise ofa well-informed team, including the Directors, who have traveled widely across the sub-continent.

The Narayani showroom has a breathtaking collection of intricately designed sarees that pamper the tastes and sensibilities of every woman. While the contemporary creations are a blend of tradition and modernity, appealing to the next generation of women, saree connoisseurs also have something different to add to their existing classic collection at Kanchipuram Narayani Silks.

Unlimited collection to choose from

Housing an extensive range of authentic sarees that add splendour to all occasions, N arayani silks offer rich traditional weaves, fine textures, vibrant designs, playful patterns and unlimited collections. Be it Kanchipattu, Dharmavaram, Arani, Gadwal, Kota, Pochampally, Maheswari, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Banaras, Chanderi or any other weave, from across the country. The customer-centric showrooms ensure shoppers can browse through thousands of sarees in a relaxed ambience, and buy something that satisfies them completely.

Adding a contemporary spin to the traditional weaves Narayani Silks specializes in offering distinctive sarees immersed in tradition, yet elegantly carry the new age appeal. The extraordinary synthesis of Kanchipattu with Bandhini, Patan Patola, Kalamkari and other fusion sarees captivate youth. The stores are stocked with the many such varieties to meet everyone's unique taste.

Handcrafted or contemporary, there's something for all kinds of saree lovers at Kanchipuram Narayani Silks, as they offer an extensive selection and assortment of designs to choose from. "We understand weddings from traditional, cultural and emotional aspects. The customers look for beautiful experiential retail stores when they shop for weddings. While our designs are strongly rooted in tradition, we have a mix of contemporary styles to accommodate changing trends and desires. Our goal is to make sarees that fit all occasions ranging across bridal, casual, work or even party wear," says Mr. P.V.S Abhinay, Director of Kanchipuram Narayani Silks.

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