Stressing on comfort during periods

Stressing on comfort during periods

Two young men Shashwath Diesh and Aqib Mohammed are the brains behind organic hygiene brand ‘Azah’

Feminine hygiene has always been a hush-hush topic in many households across the nation. However, in recent times, people are realising that the topic is as normal as any other.

Bollywood films like 'Padman' starring Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte stressed on the importance of it to the Indian audience.

The film is set in patriarch tone and the protagonist Lakshmikant Chauhan, essayed by Kumar spreads the awareness about it.

And the recent Oscar-winning documentary 'Period. End of Sentence', which talks about the problems faced by women in rural India and how they are countering it.

Menstrual periods are considered a social taboo and many youngsters and men are aware of the problems that the women undergo during periods.

Two young men Shashwath Diesh and Aqib Mohammed were not marred by this social taboo and taking a step forward the duo created organic hygiene brand 'Azah'.

A conversation of his sister about periods led Shashwath to start Azah. "In February 2018 I accidentally heard my sister talking about the problem of rashes because of the regular sanitary napkins that are available in the market.

That made me realise that urban women are going through these problems."

"Later, I roped in Aqib and after an extensive survey we found out that about 50 per cent women face the problem of rashes during periods.

Once the idea of making comfortable and hygienic sanitary napkins was rolled out, we quit our jobs and focused on this full time."

About the product, Shashwath says, "Our sanitary pads are very different from the others. The top sheet is made of 100 per cent organic cotton and it is extremely soft.

The pad consists of an organic cotton sheet, paper and biodegradable super observant sheet. However, our pad is not 100 per cent degradable right now."

"We had to test our product before rolling it out in the market. So my sister, her friends and my friends volunteered to try it out and I am glad that they were supportive of this initiative."

Azah now has a strong 10,000 customer base. "Women who used our product are very happy and they have shared their feedback with us."

Shashwath informs that Azah means strength in Hebrew. "We were searching names for the product and while doing our research we found the Hebrew word for strength – Azah. And we thought it is a fitting name for our product, which represents our customers who are strong."

"We are planning to come with different products in the future. We will be launching products like liners, tampons, and hygiene wash.

Gradually, we will be extending our product portfolio but in the short term, we are focusing on the sanitary napkins for the next six months and then focus on the others.

We will purely be online-based company and then after 10 months we will get into the retail market."

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