Ways to create perfect pairing of a healthy mind and body

Ways to create perfect pairing of a healthy mind and body

As you are striving hard to be physically fit, have you ever worked at being mentally fit too?

As you are striving hard to be physically fit, have you ever worked at being mentally fit too?

One needs to work towards being truly healthy in every aspect of life, be it physical or emotional.

When your body and mind is in sync with each other and influenced by all the positive energies,that is the time when we can say that you arecompletely healthy.

It is time to pay attention to your body and mind by making healthier choices in your daily life to create that positive pairing of healthy mind and nutritious body.

Here are somesimple ways to balance your Mind, Body, and Soul in order to achieve overall wellness in life

Include the new healthy brew of 2019

'Green Coffee' - A freshly brewed cup of hot coffee when you wake up in the morning or are in the midst of a busy day at workequates to happiness, comfort and a good energetic vibe.

But have you ever watched the caffeine intake?Is there a better alternative and a way to balance caffeine intake? Fortunately, yes & the answer is Green coffee that is proclaimed as a superfood today.

Coffee beans are naturally green that are the seeds of a fruit, which is called coffee cherry, but they are usually roasted before being sold to the consumer.

Unlike regular coffee, Green Coffee is not roasted & hence has higher antioxidant power which is otherwise lost in the roasting process. Green coffee has Chlorogenic acid (CGA) which works as an antioxidant.

This natural antioxidant is lost to a great extent during roasting. Green Coffee beans, which are the unroasted beans of this fruit, preserve this Chlorogenic acid, hence known to be beneficial to health and provide an array of benefits.

Some of the health benefits of green coffee beans are;regulates blood sugar, regulates metabolism, aids weight management amongst others.

Add more Superfoods to your diet

India has always been a superpower when it comes to superfoods. As the name suggests 'Superfoods' are basically nutrient-rich foods which grow naturally; they are rich in micronutrients and every part of them can be used to serve different purposes.

They are the heart of the kitchen of every Indian household. In fact, when you mix and match these superfoods, you get some delicious super combos e.g. Quinoa, which provides amino acids, high in potassium and helps control blood pressure, can be used to make Poha or Upma.

Another one is Moringa, better known as drumsticks, can be added to your tea to include flavor and lots of health benefits.

Take up a physical activity

Indulge in a physical activity, be it exercising, taking up a sport or practicing yoga to improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases.

More importantly it also improves your quality of life. It also includes muscle strength, flexibility and good functioning of the heart and lungs. Also one must avoid sitting for a long time at a stretch.

Practice Meditation

It is important to create positive energies from within. We definitely have to create an atmosphere where our body and mind are in positive harmony.

Meditationhelps in inner peace, reflexes positive energies, and boastsimmune system function, sleep, and well-being.

Always purseyourhobbies

Some of us build our career backed by our hobbies whereas some jobs may not be infused with our passions.

No matter what, you must always set aside some time to do what makes your soul happy whether it ismusic, sports writing, gardening etc.

One must make the efforts to incorporate these into your daily life in order to achieve an overall well-being.

Invest in yourself bothphysically and emotionally to become the best version of yourself and bring in that inner peace and positive energies.

But remember, if you want to achieve the desired health goals, it must be combined with a healthy eating and workout plan from a qualified dietician and trainer!!

(The writer is a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator)

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