Will continue in BJP till last breath: Aruna

BJP National vice-president DK Aruna

BJP National vice-president DK Aruna


Suspects ‘hand’ in false propaganda to lure defections; warns of legal action

Hyderabad: National BJP vice-president D K Aruna on Sunday dismissed reporters in a section of the press that she was leaving the party. She described them as ‘baseless’.

She wondered if concerted efforts are being made at the behest of the Congress to encourage defections from the saffron party.

"I am campaigning for the party candidates in my Assembly segments. Some could not see it and are trying to spread false propaganda of distancing myself from canvassing and mulling to leave the party." Aruna asserted that she would continue in the party as long as "I breathe. Those spreading false propaganda against me should be prepared to face legal action," she warned.

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