Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

So far, the education system in India was more focussed on giving diplomas and degrees. Now, the New Education Policy has come up with a skill-based model of education.

This has brought vocational courses under spotlight, which seek to make the youth skilful, employable and self-reliant. The Hans India has elicited the views of youth, educationists and the society on the importance of skill development in education

Courses should make youth job-ready

Education plays vital role in the development of life. However in our country a lot of educational institutions emerged like mushrooms, which assure us to provide quality education but in reality, which we face is different. Nowadays various educational institutions are opening their branches at various places and attracting the students / parents. Even some educational institutions do not pay a sufficient salary to the teachers who render services for benefit of the students.

On the other hand, Government Schools offer free education, but their infrastructure and quality of education is not up to satisfactory level. Hence, the standard of the education is not maintained and the educational institutions are becoming only factories giving certificates, diploma, degrees etc. Ultimately, when students complete their education and makes efforts to get a job, they face hard to compete with others, who have good qualifications as well as other skills, which results increase in unemployment day by day. To eradicate the problem of unemployment Government of India started skill development programmes to arm them with necessary skills to the unemployed youths. To avoid this situation our education policy must be revived. More focus should be given on skills in the educational syllabus. So that new generation will be equipped with various skills along with their degrees and diplomas.

-Dr Shirish Kulkarni, Hindi Translator, National Institute for MSME

Skill development is essential

The answer to this raised question is truly a matter of concern. But the fact that needs an attention is the incorporation of skill based curriculum in academic syllabi. Diplomas and degrees today is based more on theoretical approach. That is the reason why education system is lagging behind in building skill development as of which job aspirants even after completion of their degree are taking crash courses for skill development. If the curriculum developers of education system incorporate skill development in academic syllabi and examination evaluations are based on practical approach at least with a weightage of 40 per cent assessment's then that truly can bring a revolutionary change as hybrid.

- Prof Ilyas Ur Rahman, Principal Shadan Institute of Management Studies, Hyderabad

Our education system is not well structured

Our education system is not well structured. As a result, we are not getting desired results in the research field. What the students lack is critical thinking and profound knowledge in their academic programmes. Academic degrees alone will not be enough to get jobs. Acquiring skills of the trade is as important as securing degrees when it comes to the matter of employability. The institutions need to focus on skill development along with imparting quality education. The onus is on institutions to produce industry-ready graduates rather than churning out degrees.

- Rajanala Srihari, Former SAAP Director, Warangal

Degree & skill developments are like two sides of a coin

Our Education system should focus on Degree or Diploma by incorporating skill development training in regular academic curriculum. Degree and Skill are like two faces of a coin they need to go side by side. If both are acquired by a person, he/she will become perfect. Every person having the skill may not be good in getting Degree, similarly a degree holder may not be a skill holder always. Hence a person with skill is always in demand and draws the attention of globalized competitive world. Degree can groom a person and makes him wise, but without skill set his spirit may not be accelerated. The skill set would definitely bridge the gap of corporate world and college. I conclude by saying that if regular academic curriculum is imbibed with skill development training particularly in employability skills, it's a boon to the students. The students will become creative and productive.

- Ch Shobha Rani, Telangana Skills and Knowledge Centre (TSKC) Coordinator, Govt Degree College for Women, Karimnagar

Students should prefer skill development courses

The students now prefer only degrees. They are not focusing on skill development. The degrees they carry are for only qualification but the skill development is used as development of the student career. The institutions should concentrate on the skill development in every students for their better career.

- Murthy KVVS, Academician, Bhadrachalam

Degrees & diplomas without skill development are not of any use

The degrees and diplomas are only useful for the certificates for every student. Without skill development in students, the degrees and diplomas are nothing. Skill developments in students can can lead them to newer heights. But the institutions are giving the importance on degree and diplomas and not paying attention in skill development of students. The Institutes should give good coaching on improving skill development programme.

- Kota Devadanam, Bhadrachalam

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