The Best 5 Genuine Online Tutoring Sites For Indians

The Best 5 Genuine Online Tutoring Sites For Indians

For those who are looking to improve their education and expand their pool of knowledge, going to university or college is a must. Whether young or...

For those who are looking to improve their education and expand their pool of knowledge, going to university or college is a must. Whether young or old, it's never too late to look into getting a degree to get a better job or a promotion. The only issue that people run into is that sometimes they need some help studying.

It once was that tutors were only available on-campus or through advertisements, but now anyone in India can obtain online instruction. Here are the top five tutoring sites for Indians:


Wyzant comes out at the top of tutoring sites for its excellent pool of tutors. Its emphasis on their instructors includes profiles of each one, and this site allows the student to choose their tutor, rather than have one assigned to them. Wyzant tutoring reviews were outstanding, cementing its place at the top of the list.

This service puts the power in the hands of the student, allowing them to access private lessons according to their schedule. Wyzant's clients have more control over payment, as well.

Wyzant's approach to hiring a tutor is done in four, quick steps. First, the client is asked a few questions. If there are any questions that the student doesn't want to answer, they don't have to.

Next, the pupil is able to pick their instructor. The list of tutors is automatically narrowed down according to the subject required. After that, students can chat with their instructor to see how they get along, which is an important part of getting a tutor the client is happy with.

Finally, the client can book a lesson. Wyzant has a "Good Fit Guarantee", which helped them to the top of this list. If the student doesn't like their first lesson with the instructor, the session is free and they can choose a new teacher.

Chegg Tutors

They may not be based in India, but they place on this list for their diversity of the subjects offered, tutors available, and additional resources. This site is expansive and comes highly recommended.

They also have tutors who speak multiple languages, including Hindi. The central thought behind Chegg is that tutoring shouldn't be expensive, especially considering that most college students don't have a lot of money. As a result, their sessions are inexpensive.

Chegg also does its best to ensure that its clients' needs are met by offering both scheduled sessions and individual ones for those students who are just looking for help on one concept or idea.

They offer a comprehensive list of tutors, and their services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They have instituted a streamlined approach to their website that involves a simple three-step process for tutoring.

First, a student can pick the help they require and the subject. The subjects covered by the site include Engineering, Humanities, Math, and Science. Second, the system then finds a suitable tutor for what is needed. Finally, a tutoring session is scheduled for the student at their convenience.

The best thing about Chegg is that it's not just a tutoring site. It also has other resources, like textbooks, study assistance, apps, test prep, and articles.


Skooli is a little more specialized, but still makes the list as a tutoring site that is available on any device, making it one of the more accessible tutoring services out there. Skooli's specific emphasis is on all things related to math.

This might seem a little too focused, but the fact of the matter is that most people who do need help usually need it in math class. This isn't just for a few areas of math either. There is a long list of specific subjects that are covered; Among them are calculus, algebra, statistics, trigonometry, geometry, and accounting!

So, how does it all work? This service focuses on one-on-one tutoring where the student and tutor conduct their lesson in a virtual classroom. Both participants can see each other, and both have access to a whiteboard where equations and helpful instructions can be posted.

The result is a pay-as-you-go system that's easy to use and can be accessed from just about anywhere. Skooli also allows students to sign up for free, which permits them to see everything before they pay. The only shortcoming of this site is that they don't teach other subjects outside of math!


For anyone in a hurry, TutorMe is a good choice as they advertise that they can get a student talking with a tutor in less than a minute! They boast that their professional pool of instructors come from universities like Princeton, Yale, Berkeley, and MIT.

TutorMe takes a similar three-step approach to other online tutoring services. A pupil looking for instruction consults a "smart matching system", gets an online tutor and then can take advantage of, and this is a nice bonus, free trial, although they do have to sign up with a credit or debit card.

After that, the student is free to get a private tutorial through the use of a virtual whiteboard and audio or video chat. They also include screen sharing and a text editor. Even when the lesson is complete, the session isn't quite over. The tutor and the student can rate each other as a way of ensuring that the service remains high-quality.

Like a few of the other sites on this list, TutorMe offers around-the-clock service. They also boast being able to help their clients in over three hundred subjects.


This is one of the most popular educational sites in India and has many focuses, as a kind of all-in-one-site that offers learning through online classes, study materials, and tutoring. This approach to online tutoring, however, appears to be more automated as opposed to one-on-one.

What does that mean? Well, the other sites listed here specialize in getting their clients in need of help actual people who help them through an online, virtual class. With BYJU'S, the tutoring is presented in the form of classes a person can take and study materials.

An example would be the "Test Prep" part of the website that offers students shortcuts and tips on classes. It also uses flashcards and other materials to aid in passing tests and exams.

Overall BYJU'S does offer some tutoring that would be of help to some students, others that need a more interactive lesson, however, would probably do best with another service.

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