‘Only Modi’ mania will be counter-productive

‘Only Modi’ mania will be counter-productive

‘Modi’s guarantee’ is turning out to be publicity of another ‘India Shining.’ Polarisation is heavy and impatience is gravely growing

‘Modi’s guarantee’ is turning out to be publicity of another ‘India Shining.’ Polarisation is heavy and impatience is gravely growing. Highhandedness is huge. For the deeds and achievements, he is the only sole claimant of credit. Be it, Ramlalla hurriedly getting half built shelter; stopping of war in Gaza for Ramzan; stopping war in Ukraine for airlifting stranded Indians, injecting Covid vaccines to Indians and majority of mumanity, which now turned to be the basic untimely killer. And so many.

Like the “Only Vimal” campaign of Dhirubhai Ambani’s Reliance, this is “Only Modi”. Modi gave everything. Modi achieved everything. Modi is the guarantee for all future of all and for all things. That is Modi’s guarantee. Those, who differ and do not accept have to face music and to be treated as anti-national. He is above the Model Code of Conduct not only for elections – but for everything and anything. Whatever he speaks is just treated to be pure and has to be accepted as pure and truth.

Mandir and Bulldozer having been hallmarks of all the delivery of Lotus party, beginning from its supremo to the lower rung, claims and campaign centre around these two poles. Those who have not reached Ayodhya to stand in honour of the sole performer and clap their hands are treated to be enemies of not only his drama but also straight as against the Lord. Those who differ with the way of bulldozer razing are marked and targeted. Now, the speeches of Lotus leaders remind the people that those who were not in attendance at Ramlalla installation are against Hindu Dharma.

However, the people realized their drama. January 22 hype at half-built mammoth sanctum sanctorum on the revered birth place of Lord Shri Rama in Ayodhya on the banks of Sarayu in Uttar Pradesh is a point of severe friction even among the saintly seers of several serene Mutts, who hold specific responsibility of protecting Sanatana Dharma across Bharat. Shankaracharyas of Puri Govardhan Peeth and others openly decried the approach towards Pran Prathishta of the deity. Seer of Kanchi safely traveled to Sarayu Banks in the arranged flight and spent his sanctified time in Yagnashala for Purna Ahuthi, the culmination of Sacred Fire Ritual, well before January 22. Shringeri Seers sent their profuse blessings for successful completion and through videos called for making it grand success.

Here, the role of sole performer was just with the Prime Minister of India. He not only performed deeksha but also dramatised throughout Shri Rama-related places in the country during his deeksha. Under his vigilant guidance, all the invitees of celebrity status from several sectors, who cherish to clap his deeds, were in attention and attendance. The Dharmacharyas attached to the newly coming up temple had taken care to complete all the spiritually technical procedures without any hint and publicity, before his advent with paraphernalia onto the soil of Lord Rama’s childhood. And as it was, January 22 Ayodhya day with Lord Baala Rama, Ramlalla was just singular and solo show of the Sole Claimant of the centuries-long struggles and sacrifices. Now, the hunger-stricken, lives with lower living standards in face of severe unemployment and underemployment are giving a deaf ear to the shouting of Lotus leaders.

In India, like so many other countries across Indian Ocean and beyond, common people revere Siya Ram deeply in their hearts. In many parts, the people begin their day with “Jai Ramji Ki and Siyavar Ramachandra ki Jai, Pavana sutha Hanuman ki Jai” chants. The salutations are just natural with “Ram Ram ji”. In north, the poverty-stricken electorate were being blackmailed that if they chose other than him and his party, Ramlalla is to come again into tent and bulldozer will run towards the new temple. How much terrifying and deeply hate-filled are the words of the person who is holding the highest post of governance! Why is he absolutely engrossed with this terrible narrative? He is just like that. His past is embedded with such polarised deeds which benefited him immensely. He claims that whatever he did or is doing are just right and good for the people of the country. He is fully convinced that he is the sole beholder of all the things of all the sectors, like flagging off the miserably loss-making Vande Bharat trains. His model and mindset is for the Only Rich. His words clearly display cherishing Haves at the crushing cost of Have-nots. If he gives, it’s life saving. If the Opposition offers, it’s freebies. Even after ten years in power, he shows no remorse to shift blame onto Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and so on.

Whenever, a counter comes on the failing of his economic policy or lower standing in assessment, his teams dispute those studies and come up with counter theories. His teams are ready to design, plant and spread any misinformation or claims against his opponents to create doubts, and damage the standing of opposing persons. Clear vendetta and open criticism on the outcomes and rulings from courts and other bodies are ruthlessly praised. This ‘Only Modi’ mania has evolved into acceptance of any mischief by Lotus Leaders for their end result i.e., mandate.

On the ground, it is clearly visible that people are fuming in anger against Modi’s administration. Doubts are rapidly spreading about dangers of Modi’s machine management. The EVM, like calculator with maximum capacity of 2,000 votes, recording against 16 slots for 16 candidates is now a highly suspicious tool. The recent Supreme Court proceedings and clarifications from Election Commission have not only failed to clear grave doubts but enlarged suspicion. As social scientists and experts are keenly watching the level of turbulence within the society across several states, civic strife is not far away, as this ‘Lotus Lunatic’ maligning opponents and ‘Only Modi’ assertion will be severely reactive.

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