The next generation: The drivers of change

The next generation: The drivers of change

The next generation: The drivers of change


New Age millennials drive the growth story adding value proposition. This new generation als are the most vibrant and creative ones in their streams of activity

New Age millennials drive the growth story adding value proposition. This new generation als are the most vibrant and creative ones in their streams of activity.

Highly set goals and an innate ambitious drive to reach the stars is their driving passion, innovating and benchmarking by being different they are the new age trendsetters. The hallmark of a rising new generation who are a great force to reckon with.

Millennials value both work and family in equal measure and strive for a balance.Resilience in life and work is very important as it makes them discover a fighter spirit in case of a downfall.

Creating the ideal millennial workplace helps in garnering their course of dream aspirations.

The motivating factor that keeps them going is their own built in self-confidence and determination. Good communication and team-building skills are part of their forte and they keep enhancing these skill sets to be better leaders.

Giving feedback makes them more practical & efficient. They can savour through any difficult conversation as they are well informed. An environment both cordial and conducive works to their advantage.Cultivating new modes of leadership builds their capabilities.

They look for a change of job too often. This trend can make mentoring a challenge, and many an outdated HR practices become null and void. One can gain insights into the millennial mindset, and learn techniques for working effectively with the young minds.

Millennials come with a plethora of solid qualities that make them stand-out. From being smart savvy to highly educated, they are socially active with great ambitions. They could also be just as disoriented or disinterested.They respect the old, with immense love for parents.

How do they see themselves as good employees, parents or as a fellow citizen? What kind of role they would want to take up in nation building?

Skills required

Mentoring is a key ingredient which is sought by the young minds to check on the direction of their goal. Mentors bring out the best by enhancing the perspectives of the young and provide support, encouragement and energy.

Leadership is required at all levels as it helps build in people skills, dealing with large masses, becoming an efficient communicator, gaining momentum and building credibility.

Resilience shakes the younger ones to wake up after a fall and conquer the uncharted territories. It grows stronger with every bitter experience and one emerges stronger to face situations more boldly.

Understanding the new age mindset

The fighter spirit of the new age generation coupled with dynamism and uniqueness, makes them extra special. They show a great amount of resilience in life and work by building themselves up.Their internal and external challenges give shape to new thinking. They value both work and family in equal measures.

Millennial Workplace

Workstation should keep them motivated. Addressing difficult conversations is an art and they pick up as they grow the ladder. Building communication and team-building skills is part of the work process.

Cultivating Leadership

They should set goals that keep them active and successful. New agents of change and hope that they are, they thrive and grow as leaders by building one and all.

Millennials are the most flexible generation. Diversity and inclusiveness are their cornerstones. Thanks to technology which showcases an array of possibilities in the modern age.

They have amassed lesser wealth with more debt and lower standards of living due to economic imbalance, the byproduct of globalization. The phobia to commitment and tougher economic choices in marriage is another dominating reason for them to stay single.

We live in an age where a lady goes to work. Children in most households want mothers to be home. Women have become adaptive to work and family compared to their male counterparts.

Most millennials may come across as being patriotic.

They get along well with their parents, respect their elders, and work well with colleagues.They're open to different lifestyles, and adopt new technologies. They may not trust people but they've come to trust the collective intelligence of the crowd.

With the rising impact of the recession phase, they are left with fewer financial reserves. Being primarily digital natives, they communicate and acquire information from social media.

Millennials and their counterparts, the post-millennials, represent generations which can be different from the previous ones.The millennial generation is the largest age group to emerge. With an ever engaging mindset, coupled with motivation and confidence, they bring in the creme de la creme of strategies and direction to a project by benchmarking.

The millennial difference

Millennials are agents of change and hope in work. They work in teams, very focused with result oriented approach, more tech with a vibrant socially active mindset. New age socially minded millennial is highly creative with information on fingertips.

Going forward, it's clear the generations have much to teach one another. By being there for each other, they are setting an example of unity in diversity for themselves and for the communities. An ancient proverb says "societies become great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit under".

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