Unlocking the secrets of graphology

Unlocking the secrets of graphology

Unlocking the secrets of graphology


Have you ever imagined that our handwriting can reveal a lot about our personality and health? Yes, I am talking about handwriting analysis and that's what is graphology is all about

Have you ever imagined that our handwriting can reveal a lot about our personality and health? Yes, I am talking about handwriting analysis and that's what is graphology is all about. It is the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. When you write on a paper your entire personality get engraved on the sheet everything starting with size, slant, margin, spacing, height, pressure, strokes, baseline, alignment, connection or disconnection signifies various aspects about ones personality and health.

Lie detector: People who use double loop in the lower case 'o' more often are said to be liars. They write with taller letters and larger strokes with considerably heavy pressure of the pen. This happens because a liar forces the brain to work harder to invent facts interfering with normal handwriting process.

Large "I" refers to ambition and arrogance: So whosoever writes large I compared to other letters are obsessed with ambition and arrogance whereas people who write I smaller than other capital letters tend to be more happy themselves and are far more contended than former.

Each stroke of the pen reflects our personality and you all will be amazed to know that strokes not only reflect our personality traits, they also reinforce them.For example, a particular stroke in your handwriting can make you stubborn. If you write that particular stroke too many times, you will become more stubborn.

Energy level: People who have a habit of writing with heavy pressure and dark letters that are easily seen engraved on next page tend to have a higher energy level. In contrast, people who write with light pressure have lower energy levels. Now you all must be thinking how handwriting reveals everything about our health.

How to detect if you have high blood pressure?

Writers who tend to write with variable pressure where you can see handwriting changing from light to dark and also have a habit to do multiple scratching and tend to make flying T bars show anger and aggression in their personality.

How to detect stress?

People who write closed E alphabet are observed to have stress in their life. If you write with sharp curves and angular with small handwriting the end of letter of a word is having a sharp needle like stroke check for stress in your life.

How to detect if you have a depression or suicide attendant tendency?

People who strike through their signatures and whose writing have falling baselines with last word of the sentence is often falling they need to check their depression level as there are chances they will be possessed with suicidal tendency.

All the above problems can be changed to positive aspect just by means of graphotherapy. Graphotherapy is a curative offshoot of handwriting analysis as it is a means of making conscious changes in your handwriting to bring about desired subconscious changes in yourself. A graphotherapy practice removes the symptoms of attitudes of self sabotage. It can work wonders in terms of overcoming obstacles like low self-esteem low self confidence loss of concentration marital compatibility depression and many other problems.

The bottom line is if you write hard it has the power to change your life and brings positivity in your personality. If you have an accurate means of understanding your personality traits, it has many benefits. You can learn about your own strengths and weaknesses. This way you can make sensible choices as far as your personal and professional life is concerned.

(The author is a forensic expert and Executive Director, Tatha Forensic Wing Federation)

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