Relook at Prelims -2019

Relook at Prelims -2019

Civils’ pundits have described prelims 2019 paper I as difficult compared to recent years’ papers. Many a student have lost hopes on the results after verifying the key released.

Civils' pundits have described prelims 2019 paper I as difficult compared to recent years' papers. Many a student have lost hopes on the results after verifying the key released. Though the questions spread over all the topics, it became difficult to locate the correct answer.

Earlier around 45 per cent only appeared for the prelims. This year it has increased. In both the Telugu states around 79,700 applied for prelims, but 40,732 have written the examination. It comes to 51.11 per cent.

There were more questions on Science &Technology. They include IT, communications, and Bio-technology. V. Gopala Krishna of Brain tree analysed that there are 48 direct questions and 52 multiple choice questions.

This year UPSC has added EWS in the categories. The cut off marks expected re:

General- 97-100, EWS – 95-100, OBC- 96-100, SC- 80-85, ST 78-85.

This is only a guess work.

English (Compulsory paper)

UPSC mains has 9 papers out of which one is the English language paper. This paper is compulsory and is of qualifying nature. The marks obtained in this paper will not be counted for final ranking. The main objectives in this paper are:

1. To assess a candidate's ability to read and understand serious descriptive prose.

2. To assess a candidate's ability to express his/ her ideas correctly and clearly.

A lot of candidates pose them as if they are pundits in English and don't bother about preparation for this paper. In general candidates worry unnecessarily for this paper. You need not be an authority on Shakespeare or Milton. You may not be fluent in speaking English to clear this paper.

Main points to remember

1. The standard of questions will be of Matriculation or equivalent.

2. Be thorough with the grammar.

3. You might have forgotten about the fundamentals after graduation

4. Brush up grammar part.

5. Practice old question papers

6. Have good vocabulary

7. You should get 75 marks out of total 300 marks

Syllabus for the paper

1. Essay question 100 Marks

2. Comprehension 75 marks

3. Precise writing 75 marks

4. Grammar 50 marks

Essay question

1. write an essay in about 600 words on any one topic.- 100 marks

(a) What kind of crisis India is facing –moral or economic?

(b) Participating in sports helps develop good character.

(c) Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

(d) Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.

On the face of it these questions paper general in nature. Candidates should not jump in the conclusion that they can write on any subject given above. This essay is different from the essay in mains essay paper. That needs an in depth analysis. In this paper your ability of school and college days will work out.

How to attempt:

1. Choose the topic after a little thinking and not in a hurry

2. prepare a structure for 600 words

3. Three main points- introduction, body and conclusion

4. Avoid repetition of words

5. the tone of the essay should be positive nature and not negative

6. Quotations where ever necessary are to be written.


1. First of all read the question twice and search for the correct answer.

2. The answers are already in the passage, so search for them

3. Improve your vocabulary; do not repeat the same words.

4. "Practice makes a man perfect" – solve as many as comprehension question given on earlier occasions

5. Gist of the passage is to be remembered before answering

Precise writing

- the passage should be condensed to one third length

- Write in your own language

- Out of total 600 words one has to 200 words

- Don't use the same words by taking one line out of the three lines

- This is to test your ability to condense


a) rewriting of the sentences 10 marks

b) supply missing words 5 marks

c) Correct forms for verbs 5 marks

d) Antonyms 5 marks

e) Changing the sentences 10 marks

f) Choosing appropriate words 5 marks

g) Use the words in making sentences 5 marks

h) Using the phrases 5 marks

How to win:

- Time management is more important

- Allot 40 to 45 minutes for essay

- Grammar part is easy and can be attempted at your convenience

- Neat handwriting is compulsory, practice it

- Vocabulary is more important

- Basic English grammar is to be studied

- Clarity in writing answers

- Check your spellings


In 2015 the essay paper has the following questions:

1. Write an essay in about 600 words on an one topic: 100 marks

a) impact of politics on society

b) E-commerce: a win-win situation for all

c) Harassment of women at work places

d) Does the Indian cinema reflect social reality?

These topics are general in nature. One will be tempted to attempt the cinema topic. You might have seen 100 cinemas but analyzing the social aspect is more important.

The following points can be included:

- The film industry in Bollywood

- The south Indian film industry

- Old Films as classical example

- Changing themes

- Temperament of audiences

- Impact of films on society

- Expert directors like Shyam Bengal and their contribution

In 600 words you have to portray the scenario with good vocabulary.

Harassment of women:

- this is an age old problem

- sensitivity in conducting enquiries

- Recent legislations

- Vishaka and others vs state of Rajasthan case in supreme court

- Recent judgments

- Healthy atmosphere in offices

- Rupan Deol Bajaj case against KPS Gill

This case was high profile legal case in India and remained in the media limelight for many years. Gill was held guilty of the charges of molestation. He was DG Police.

All these points are to be projected in the answer. Be positive in answering. If you are a woman candidate you should project the facts unbiased.

The following words were given in grammar segment to make sentences:

(i) drought

(ii) profitable

(iii) plunge

(iv) deformity

(v) restraint

The following phrase are given to form into sentences

(i) in spite of

(ii) a bed of roses

(iii) cold war

(iv) to rule with an iron hand

(v) to make haste

These are only few examples. Candidates should prepare well during next two months.

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