From a snack vendor to a stirring singer

From a snack vendor to a stirring singer

AB Madhav’s life vividly reflects the range from lows to highs of music, his ardent passion

A successful singer's life, when on a song, sounds easy. A close look reveals a lot of sweat tears went into making him what he/she is today. Many like Presley, the Beatles, Beethoven or our own Kailash Kher came into limelight through dark alleys of a hard life. Closer home, we have AB Madhav.

From being a snack vendor on the busy streets of Hyderabad to becoming a singer loved by all, AB Madhav is a classic rag to riches example. He is a trained classical singer and composer and has released his latest song, Karwaan.

With his soulful voice and articulate composition of songs, AB Madhav instantly connects with the audience. The most recent single is produced by Aman Moroney and directed by Navaldeep Singh and Ali Hussen. Furthermore, the song also features actors Amit Vikram Pandey, Kanchan Khilare, Romanch Jadhav, Viveek Sharma, and Veda Agrawal.

Karwaan takes the viewers through his struggles and shows us that this fame came through a lot of hardships and gloomy nights. At the age of 9, Madhav used to sell snacks in the day and cleaned dishes at a fast food joint till 2 am. The singer's childhood consisted of juggling between working two jobs and 18 hours a day to make ends meet. He has done all sorts of odd jobs, whatever he could pick up to support his family. During those days although music was his passion, it wasn't his priority owing to the hardships.

During his struggling days, Madhav used to work at south Indian eateries making dosas and using auto to deliver food. This period was also when his love for music began to triumph over his hardships and he started making efforts to learn it. He fondly remembers cycling through the scorching heat to learn a few chords of guitar and travelled over 500 km for his 45 minute piano lesson and received a diploma certification from Trinity College London. This certification not only proved his piano skills but also was a testament to his determination to beat the odds and learn what he loved the most.

This is where his journey to success began. After acquiring these skills, AB Madhav began to share his knowledge by visiting homes to teach music which slowly paved his way to taking his classes at premium schools and institutions. To continue working in these schools, AB Madhav had to grasp the English language as he taught in a convent school.

After his degree, Madhav started performing at various functions ranging from weddings to events where he could showcase his talents and earn for his family. His voice was highly appreciated by all. After working all these years, He thought it was time to take his talents to the city where dreams were brought to reality. Eventually, the aspiring star moved to Mumbai with his wife and daughter which turned out to be an excellent move in his career.

Madhav has collaborated with many artists and singers at the International level and holds a Master in Music (Indian Vocals). He is a multi-talented artist who apart from Indian vocals and Western piano, enjoys playing acoustic guitar, harmonium, melodica, Cajon, djembe, drums and many other percussion instruments. His music leaves a great impact and inspires many people all over the world.

Today, AB Madhav is here with his newest song 'Karwaan' which is sung and composed by himself and written by Mohammad Sadri Wala and Zubair Ahmed Zaki.

AB Madhav is one of the most sensational singers and guitarists in the Indie music scene in India. His creative identity has defined him and his music. The musician believes that singing is an art that can be learned and achieved by anyone. While travelling across India, he has inspired and taught students across the whole country and at the International level too. With the launch of his new song, 'Karwaan,' AB Madhav hopes to entertain and bring a smile to millions of people.

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