Mains- General Studies Paper I

Mains- General Studies Paper I

On June 2, the civils prelims examinations was conducted at different centres across the country. At Hyderabad in 103 examination centers 49,033...

On June 2, the civils prelims examinations was conducted at different centres across the country. At Hyderabad in 103 examination centers 49,033 candidates have downloaded their hall tickets. But on June 2 morning for the first paper – General studies 25,711 (52.43%) have appeared and in the afternoon for C- SAT examination 25,163 (51.31%) only have written the examination.

As per UPSC rules even if the candidate appears for one paper, he will be losing a chance. Overall observation of Civils' pundits was the first paper was difficult. Most of the statements were cumbersome and to identify the correct answer it requires some time and intelligence. The elimination process of A B C D is time consuming. Within 120 minutes one has to answer 100 questions of 2 marks each. The sword of negative marking will be hanging on. The candidate will be under lot of tension. In the section Science & Technology questions were based on advanced technology. In politics segment also the questions were deep.

Similarly the questions in History also were difficult. Questions based on legal aspects dealing with Acts were given. In the second paper C- SAT the passages were lengthy and time consuming to select the answer. As per the senior persons in the field the cut off marks will be as follows for this year: General Category 100-105, EWS- 98-100, OBCs – 99-103, SCs, and STs between 80-85.

Mains – GS Paper I

We have already discussed about the Paper I in Mains- Essay. Next important paper is General Studies Paper I. The syllabus includes – Indian culture, Modern Indian history and National movement, Post independence consolidation, world history, Geography, and Indian society. 250 marks and 20 questions will be there. Answer should be within 200 words for each.

2018 Question paper

The following questions were given:

1. Safeguarding the Indian art heritage is the need of the moment-comment. 10 marks

2. Assess the importance of the Chinese and Arab travelers in the construction of the history of India(10)

3. Throw light on the significance of thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi in the present times(10)

4. Why is Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) needed? How does it help in navigation? (10)

5. Why is India taking keen interest in the Arctic region(10)

6. Define mantle plume and explain its role in plate tectonics(10)

7. What are the consequences of spreading of 'Dead Zones" on marine ecosystem? (10)

8. "Caste system is assuming new identities and associational forms. Hence, caste system cannot be eradicated in India. Comment (10)

9. "Despite implementation of various programmes for eradication of poverty by the government in India, poverty is still existing" explain by giving reasons (10)

10. How the Indian concept of secularism different from the western model of secularism. Discuss. (10)

11. The Bhakti movement received a remarkable re-orientation with teh advent of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Discuss (15)

12. Discuss whether formation of new sates in recent times is beneficial or not for the economy of India? (15)

13. Why indentured labour was taken by the British from India to their colonies? Have they been able to preserve their cultural identity over there? (15)

14. "The ideal solution of depleting ground water resources in India is water harvesting system?" How can it be made effective in urban areas? (15)

15. Defining blue revolution, explain the problems and strategies for pisciculture development in India (15)

16. What is the significance of Industrial corridors in India? Identifying industrial corridors, explain their main characteristics. (15)

17. Mention core strategies for the transformation of aspirational districts in India and explain the nature of convergence, collaboration and completion for its success. (15)

18. "Women's movement in India has not addressed the issues of women of lower social strata.' Substantiate your view (15)

19. Globalization is generally said to promote cultural homogenization but due to this cultural specificities appear to be strengthened in the Indian society' Elucidate.

20. Communalism arises either due to power struggle or relative deprivation" Argue by giving suitable illustrations (15)


Since it is the first paper in General studies you should prepare well to score good marks. Otherwise you will get depression and may not be able to write other papers well. Lot of books are available in the market. Choose an authentic version by a reputed author. Since the paper is dealing with historical events one should be thorough with the dates and there should not be any confusion over the names of different kingdoms. The major achievements during the period of study should be noted down for revision.

The syllabus includes freedom movement. Names of prominent freedom fighters and their contribution should be noted down in a separate note book for revision. In 2013 there was a question on the participation of women in freedom struggle irrespective of their age. Lot of women participated in the movement on the call given by Mahatma Gandhi. They went to jails and followed his messages. Another question during 2013 was about participation of foreigners in the Indian struggle of independence. Another question was on Bhoodan movement of Vinoba Bhave. Importance of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan slogan was one of the topics. It was a call given by late Lal bahadur sastri when he was Prime Minister of India. .the contribution of Maulana Abdul Kalam for freedom movement and later after independence was another question in 2013.

2014 GS Paper I

1. The influence of Sind civilization on the urbanization of India

2. Influence of Gandhara art on Roman and Greek cultures

3. The differences between Nalanda and Takshasila university administration.

4. Effect of Eli no-no cyclone

Basing on the pattern of these questions, candidates have to prepare for this paper.

Point wise comments are to be made. If the question is to comment you can express your comments. If it is to substantiate, your argument should throw light on your opinion.

Questions on Japan revolution, American Revolution, Agitations for smaller states, Effect of globalization on aged persons are some of the topics appeared in earlier years.

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