Cultural city to have separate track for bicycles

Cultural city to have separate track for bicycles

Cultural city to have separate track for bicycles 


Trin Trin cycle service is available at important places in the city including Mysore Palace, Chamundibetta, Zoo etc

Mysuru: Cultural City Mysuru is a clean and beautiful city and which is among the cities with the best climate in the world. The reason for this is the cool environment here. Since the reign of the kings, the atmosphere here is rich. In the current situation, the good environmental conditions in Mysuru are due to the trin trin cycle here. Trin Trin cycle service for public was started in 2017. This project, which was started in view of the health of the people of Mysuru and to keep the environment better, received a good response. So far, approximately 14 thousand people have subscribed to the Trin Trin cycle scheme. About 4,000 people have registered.

A cultural city is a paradise for tourists. Thousands of tourists visit Mysore every day.

There are around 45 Trin Trin Cycle Centers for the convenience of tourists and locals. A total of 450 cycles are available for service.

Trin Trin Cycle service is available at important places in the city including Mysore Palace, Chamundibetta, Zoo, major circles, colleges, major market. It is arranged so that the subscribers can avail its services very easily.

Mysuru city corporation is adding a thousand new cycles for the new year. Cycles with state-of-the-art system including GPRS will arrive in Mysuru. Through this more people will get cycle service. In addition to this, the Mysuru city Municipal Corporation has proposed to make a separate track for the Trin Trin cycle in the areas connecting to the important places of Mysore. A blue map is also prepared for this. Preparations have been made for the construction of about 8.7 kilometers of track. In the first phase, this new track will be ready in the heart of the city connecting Manas Gangotri, Kukkarahalli Lake Road, Ramaswamy Circle Road, Ballal Circle, Mysore University.

Mayor Sivakumar said that after the construction of the track, the number of Trin Trin users will increase. This will help in keeping the environment of Mysore better.

He said that after the arrival of those bicycles, people will be requested to use bicycles and awareness will be created among people about the use of bicycles.

Mysore City Corporation Commissioner Lakshmi Kanta Reddy said that the enthusiasm for bicycle use has increased in Mysuru.

But the cycles used now are old. Due to this, the number of cycle users has decreased. New cycles are being introduced for the same reason. By the end of January, the new cycle tracks will be available for public service. He said that then the number of users will double. This is why Mysuru has earned the distinction of being the number one cleanest city in the country. Since this Trin Trin is coming in a new form, there is no doubt that the environment of Mysuru will be more beautiful and clean.

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