All about renting this wedding season

All about renting this wedding season

Fashion rentals are the way forward with stylists like Rhea Kapoor leading India’s sustainable fashion revolution

Celebrity stylist Rhea Kapoor, who has recently curated a selection of rentable wedding ensembles for a fashion brand, says that she recommends renting wedding clothes.

"I do recommend renting, if not your entire ensemble but parts of it, to create something special. I know brides abroad rent and use vintage gowns all the time. Borrowing from fashion designers is also something that us stylists do.

"It just depends on what kind of perspective you have on it. Sometimes your wedding dress is something you love to wear again, and sometimes it's better to invest in your life rather than just that evening.

So, to each its own, but I encourage the option of renting and I encourage people to be open to it," Rhea, 32, said.

Rhea's curation for fashion-rental brand Stage3 consists of 45 pieces for the wedding season from India's leading designers, including Abu Sandeep, Arpita Mehta, Jayanti Reddy, Anushree Reddy and Raw Mango.

Her top styling tips for this wedding season?

Invest in a draper, because it can make all the difference how grand your outfit looks, how neat it looks and how different it looks.

♦ Look you. A lot of brides go wrong in dressing because they want to look like someone else, or they are dressing for someone else, so they look overwhelmed.

♦ Too many elements take away from your natural beauty.

Less is more. It's important to have a silhouette or embroidery or colour that suits you, not someone else.

Rhea, who co-owns the fashion line Rheson alongside her sister Sonam Kapoor, will also be seen in the capacity of Stage3's style director for this wedding season.

Calling the move of renting clothes sustainable, she said it's an interesting challenge to showcase the distinct inner personalities of the people wearing these clothes.

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