Mango And Turmeric Face Mask To Rule Common Skin Problems

Mango And Turmeric Face Mask To Rule Common Skin ProblemsMango And Turmeric Face Mask

Summer is a host of myriads of skin issues. Be it the dull skin or the tan, they turn the face into a lifeless one.

Summer is a host of myriads of skin issues. Be it the dull skin or the tan, they turn the face into a lifeless one. We all know that many of them depend on the branded creams and go to parlours for those expensive spa facial massages.

But the goodness of these treatments only stay for a while and stop their magic once you stop using them. Thus it becomes a habit to visit parlours and buy those creams.

When there are easy and natural beauty remedies which can be made at home, why to spend on those creams and facials???

We Hans India have come up with a simple yet effective 'Mango-Turmeric' face pack which makes you own a glowing face in no time.

Yes… The seasonal fruit 'Mango' holds plenty of beauty benefits and when it gets mixed with sandalwood powder and turmeric, it turns into a magical potion for your skin making it glow by ruling out the common skin problems.

Ingredients Needed

• Fresh Mango Pulp – 2 tbsp

• Honey – 1 tsp

• Turmeric – A pinch

• Yoghurt - tbsp

• Sandalwood Powder - 1 tsp


• Add all the above-listed natural ingredients one by one to a blender and turn it into a smooth paste.

• Apply this paste on to your face and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Then wash off with cold water and pat dry with a cotton towel.

• That's it! You will definitely own a clean and smooth face in no time.

Benefits Of Mango-Turmeric Face Pack:

• The natural cleansing and astringent properties of a Mango will clear off the bacteria from the skin pores and lightens the skin tone by removing the tan.

• This fruit holds essential properties like Vitamin A, B6, E and C along with copper, magnesium, potassium and beta-carotene. All these wonderful properties take a toll on the bacteria and dirt by making them stay away from your skin.

o Vitamin A – It is known as Retinol and diminishes fine lines by stimulating collagen production and lightening dark patches on the skin.

o Vitamin B6 – Being a water-soluble vitamin, it reduces sebum on the skin (oily skin).

o Copper – It reduces fine lines and wrinkles along with lightening the skin and fights against damage from free radicals.

o Potassium – It keeps cells hydrated to moisturize the skin from the pores.

o Magnesium – It helps to reduce oily skin, acne and rosacea.

o Beta-carotene – It boosts immunity and protects the skin against bacteria and toxins.

o Vitamin E – Being a fat-soluble vitamin it's famous for hydrating the skin.

• Coming to the turmeric and sandalwood powder, these hold the anti-bacterial properties, so it kills the bacteria and pulls it out from the skin pores treating pimples and acne breakouts. They also lighten the dark patches and cure acne marks on the face.

• Finally, the yoghurt and honey will add a glow to your face making it look clean, smooth and radiant.

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