Black Water is now the new trend

Dr Shikha Sharma  (Founder &MD of Nutriwel Health)

Dr Shikha Sharma (Founder &MD of Nutriwel Health)


Water is colourless, odourless and tasteless as far as our preliminary knowledge goes by. What if someone told us that water also has colour and that too "Black".

Water is colourless, odourless and tasteless as far as our preliminary knowledge goes by. What if someone told us that water also has colour and that too "Black". Surprised, shocked and a bit of confusing state of mind for everyone who comes to know that there is something like "Black Water".

The first question that comes to our mind when we hear black water is does this even exist. Who drinks black water ? What about our knowledge of water that we held till now? Some people may even laugh and say it's a joke until and unless they see the most loved and fashionable celebrities of showbiz walking in their glittery clothes and carrying a bottle of black water.

Malaika Arora who has been praised across the country for her fitness regime has been spotted with a bottle of black water. Similarly Shruti Hasan has also been seen using black water in a recent post

Watching the celebrities flaunting a bottle and just following the trends is utter foolishness for common masses if we don't know the in and out of the product. They use any product under guidance of specialist where every step is taken to safeguard them.

Similarly for Black Water there are particular details one must know before actually jumping in and using the water. As of now only one company, EVOCUS Vadodara based startup company has started the production of black water. It is not natural but artificially made. They sell a pack of 6 bottles of rs 600rs, and each bottles is of 500ml.

Lots of pros and cons have been in debate but taking the opinion of the expert Dr. Shikha Sharma founder of Nutriwel Health, she has clarified that neither acidic nor basic pH water is suitable. Water's pH should be the same as the body pH.

As per the expert, Black water they propagate the fact that simple RO water lacks essential minerals and is bit acidic which makes it bitter in taste and harder for the body to absorb. However black water being alkaline in nature is full of minerals and nutrients which is beneficial for people suffering from high Blood pressure, diabetes and high cholestoral.

Other added advantage of black water elucidated by its seller is that they are very good for human digestive system as the molecules are smaller and easily absorbed by our cells. As our digestive system works well the results are visible with increased metabolism. As claimed , They are also more hydrating than plain water.

On the pH scale black water is above 7 which defines its basicity in nature. Normal water ranged between 6-7 making it a bit acidic in nature. Further it is also stated that black water has more than 70 minerals which in the long run has several health benefits.

Wait, this is just propagated by the sellers, as there is no empirical confirmation for the same. We as common masses should not start using anything just for the fact that Virat Kohli uses it, or Malaika Arora uses it.

There ain't enough research carried out in the process and till date the views are divided of experts. Some stand for it, while some against it.

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