Watch out your mattress for a healthy life!

Watch out your mattress for a healthy life!

Watch out your mattress for a healthy life!


William Blake beautifully summaries the crux of the healthy life in few words


Think in the morning,

Act in the noon.

Eat in the evening,

Sleep in the night.

-William Blake

William Blake beautifully summaries the crux of the healthy life in few words. The best time to think is when our brain is sent percent active and in coherence which is in the morning after a deep, sound sleep in the night. He advice to act in the noon and eat in the evening similar point had been raised by the educators of health and wellbeing by saying, having light meal at night makes the person active in the morning. Not only from scientist, researchers but also from our ancestors we have grown up by hearing 'Sleep well, do well'. Irregular sleep and work patterns lead to inadequate rest to our body and mind. Scanty sleep is the root cause of several neurological disorders.

Mental Stress

Poor sleep can make it much more difficult to cope with even relatively minor stress.


Insomnia and other sleep problems can be a symptom of depression, but more recently, research has implicated lack of sleep in actually causing depression.


Sleep problems appear to be a risk factor for developing anxiety disorders. One study found that problems with sleep were a predictor for generalised anxiety disorder in children and teens between the ages of 9 and 16. Those who struggle with sleep problems may be more likely to develop an anxiety condition, particularly if their sleep problems are prolonged and left untreated.

Bipolar disorder

Sleep disturbances are very common among people with bipolar disorder. Such problems can include insomnia, irregular sleep-wake cycles, and nightmares. Experts and neurologist advice to manage time to maintain brain health and body posture to attain adequate amount of sleep. They have emphasised and again stressed upon the importance of sound, deep sleep, which we often fail to achieve it. According to the study published in the journal namely, Science Advances has revealed that deep sleep helps clear toxic waste from the brain, which reduces the probability of developing neurodegenerative diseases.

Using the wrong mattress can result in stress and anxiety.

♦ Mattress can also contribute to night sweats.

♦ Mattress can cause spinal deformities and backache.

♦ Firm mattress can result in joint pain, arthritis.

Mattress quality bestows the quality of your sleep mattress determine the correct spinal alignment of your body. It should alleviate stress on the spine to reduce back pain and other cause of spinal deformities. Orthopaedic mattresses are the best ones for your sleep as it provides maximum support push back for the perfect sleeping position. Healthy posture determines the quality of sleep to your body as well as brain. Scott adds, there is need of quality mattress, great sheets, and a good duvet with the perfect fill, it all works together to give you the perfect sleep. Therefore, deep sleep is acquired by quality mattress which leads to good brain health.

(The writer is the , founder and CEO, Fresh Up Mattress)

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