How spiritual healing could be helpful for your overall wellness

How spiritual healing could be helpful for your overall wellness

How spiritual healing could be helpful for your overall wellness


What is spirituality? Interestingly, its definition has developed and expanded over the years

What is spirituality? Interestingly, its definition has developed and expanded over the years. Today it implies a manner in which people find meaning, hope, and peace in their lives. While some individuals find it through religion, art, or connection with nature, others find it in their principles and values. There are several interpretations of the 's' word, and each one of them seems to be right in their own way. After all, what works for you may not work for the other person. At the very core of it, spirituality is steeped with importance and the longing to comprehend one's purpose in life, both with regards to life and furthermore, the relationship with everything and everybody. Right from being a contemplative practice such as meditation, workout, and journaling, to being connected to temple, mosque or church, a spiritual practice can be many things. It could mean discovering solace through an individual relationship with a higher force.

The relationship between spirituality and health

One of the foremost yoga gurus in the world, BKS Iyengar once asserted, "Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit." And one cannot agree more. Certainly, our body, mind, and spirit are very well linked with each other, and the well-being or ill-being of anyone directly affects the other. This indicates that we should look past biomedical sciences to accomplish mental and social prosperity including the spiritual facet.

Here is how spiritual healing could be helpful for the overall wellness:

Boosts the immune system

It doesn't come as a surprise that our body is built in a way that it perfectly knows how to heal itself. However, there are numerous reasons that can hinder its process of healing, which, in turn, creates an imbalance. This is where spirituality becomes the savior as practices like meditation and mindfulness have the potential to trigger the body's mending capacity by empowering a state of balance, both in the body and mind.

Reduces the danger of slipping into depression

Spiritual practices assist an individual with exploring their inner world, which allows them to connect with themselves as well as others around them on a more meaningful and profound level. The solid requirement to discover some type of connection with others is indispensable to help one's emotional well-being. And as mentioned earlier, our body, mind, and soul are interconnected to each other, hence, spiritual practices can lend a helping hand in developing fortitude and reduce the impacts of depression, anxiety, and other mental turmoil. This further influences and boosts our physical health.

Relieves stress

Stress is a huge part and parcel of our daily life schedules. The feeling is usually triggered by things disturbing happening in our lives, be it workload, times of uncertainty or panicking too much about something. Even though it is common and natural to feel stressed at times, it becomes a serious issue when it becomes chronic. There are several pieces of research that have been undertaken on spiritual practices and their effects on stress. The findings have always been exhibited that spiritual practices are of great help when it comes to deal with pressure. Meditation, yoga, walking, writing are some of the most accessible and effective spiritual tools to put into practice.

Maintains BP (blood pressure)

When you panic or your anxiety mode turns on, the hormones in the body that are intended to help with battling the problem surge automatically, which disturbs the whole balance. As a result, the body shoots up the BP by causing the heart to pump speedily. Over the long run, if stress and BP elevations repeat often, it can prompt hypertension. The spiritual healing practices can fill in as an extraordinary supplement in maintaining the blood pressure because they not only help in curing the physical body but additionally support the psychological as well as emotional body.

(The writer is the Co-founder of Guruji)

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