Relationship Goals: How To Enjoy The Lock Down Time With Your Family

Relationship Goals: How To Enjoy The Lock Down Time With Your Family

Amidst Corona fever, people are not thinking beyond it. Why can't we enjoy the same period leaving the stress?

Amidst Corona fever, people are not thinking beyond it. Why can't we enjoy the same period leaving the stress?

Every person in their life time might have thought of taking a long break from the office work once or twice. The main thing behind this thought is not spending enough time with family, isn't it??? Yes…

Well, so dear readers… Think that you have got a long break and enjoy the time with your family but being safe and locked.

We Hans India have come with a few relationship tips which definitely make you enjoy your lock down time with your family.


The first thing that every employee, housewife and a school kid complain is 'Sleep'… Yes! Many don't get enough sleep due to busy schedules. So, now have a good and peaceful sound sleep of complete 8 hours or more and get relieved from the pressure. Instead of sleeping separately or individually, try to sleep together and make your kids reminisce their childhood memories. This way the bond between family members become strong and gives you positive energy.

Play Indoor Games

Every indoor game will have its own importance and teaches a lesson for sure! If you play with interest, then you will understand the reason behind the play. For example, if you take Snake and Ladders game, it makes you know that life is uncertain. You can make your kids explain about the downs when they are eaten by the snakes and encourage them if they are rolled up by the ladders.

You can go with Ludo, Carroms, Business and even Uno cards and stay together with your family. You might never again get this chance of staying locked at homes. Enjoy to the core!!!

Watch Favourite Movies

If you are movie buff, then it is a good chance to cover all your favy movies through Netflix, Amazon and other apps. Try to watch old movies and make your kids know the essence of your childhood watched movies. Sit together and happily watch the movies or serials or the latest series.

Help The Ladies In Their Household Chores…

This is the lock down time… So, even maids have to take leave from your homes, isn't it??? So, try to help your wives by lending your hand in their household chores. Make her happy by cooking breakfast and surprise her with a coffee. You can even put your clothes in the washing machine and help her by making relaxed. Kids can also help their moms by keeping their rooms clean. As said in a statement, if work is shared it can be done in minutes, share your household chores and finish them in a jiffy.

Spend Time With Grandparents…

The busy schedule always makes everyone ignore their grandparents, isn't it??? This doesn't mean you don't love them but your schedules make you stay occupied. So, spend quality time with your grandparents and sometimes even pamper them by adding them as your game partners.

Don't Forget The Special Occasions…

In case if any birthday or anniversary of your family member falls in this lock down period then what will you do??? Just wish them and stay calm??? You need to surprise them with a homemade cake. You have YouTube for every small recipe. Decorate your home with candles, papers and small decorative items. You can get ideas from the internet and this makes you have a special time with your family.

Of Course, Romance Is Must…

If you are a newlywed couple, then what can stop you from romancing??? Instead of sitting worried happily enjoy the home honeymoon to the core. Sometimes the busy schedules make employees stay away from each other. Be it meetings, late-night calls or tiry work make them fall sleepy. But now you have enough time to romance fully. Make your kids happily sleep in their room and surprise your partner with a romantic aura. This makes you come closer and keeps your love stay blossomed.

Finally, The 'Me' Time…

Yes… Every individual need to have their special 'Me' time. Give a chance to your hobby to become your friend or have a long chat or call with your dearest one. Read books, go with yoga or happily get relaxed listening to your favourite songs. These things will refresh your thoughts and make you stay happy always. Make yourself happy and blossom the home aura with joyous mood.

What say guys??? Still, you feel the lock down period as a Jail??? Definitely a big 'No', isn't it???

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