Ways to keep your long-distance relationship healthy

Ways to keep your long-distance relationship healthy

Being in a relationship is one of the best parts of any person’s life.

Being in a relationship is one of the best parts of any person's life. But the melancholy part of a relationship is the absence of the person whom we love the most. It's the difficult part of a person's life and it's obvious that we miss them regularly. Thanks to technology though, one could facetime through Skype or video calling.

According to a 2013 research study from the Journal of Communication, it is said that long-distance relationship is an equal, trustworthy and satisfying relationship just like the geographically and physically close relationships. The study also says that approximately 3 million Americans live distant from their husband or wife at a certain point after their marriage.

Love, trust, and hope are the core parts of any relationship. Let's not run away from the truth by saying long-distance relationship never works. Men who work in military forces, they stay far away from their wives by guarding the borders.

They still believe that they can go back and see their wives once in a while. Things work in long-distance relationships, it's that you need consistency with your partner. From the point of connection, you need to make them understand that they include in your every nook and corner in your life.

Talk openly: Proper communication is the only key to express love. The better you express, the better it would be for both of you. But remember, communication should always be two-way, it's never one-way traffic.

So, make things very clear at the beginning itself, ask your partner to express freely, give them the freedom to enunciate what they feel about you. When you talk openly, you'll get to know each other better. And knowing each other is the crucial part of a relationship.

Share your feelings explicitly: Just because you both live separately doesn't mean you can't do anything with your feelings. This is where the test for your relationship counts. Expressing love in a close relationship is easier and it's doesn't need efforts for someone.

But when it comes to a long-distance relationship, sharing love and feelings is like a code to crack. So express your feelings openly to your partner. Tell her or him how much they mean to you, tell them how much this relationship means to you.

Share your problems and also ask them what they feel for you. It's always a good thing tolet your partner know what you feel for themand vice-versa.

Try to remember every minute detail: It's very difficult for a common man to remember everything. But try to remember the most beautiful moments you spent with your partner, try not to forget the important dates of your relationship, like your partner's birthday, the first day you both fell in love, the first time you kissed her when you met her.

Always be positive and hope for better: LDR is all about hope and trusting your partner, and making them believe that good things are going to come. Your positivity keeps your relationship positive all the time, irrespective of short misunderstandings and arguments.

Don't depend completely on technology: Technology has made the world look smaller. It's a good thing, it brought people under one roof. But it's always boring to do the same old phone call or a video call. Try the old ways to keep your relationship interesting. The bygone days were amazing where one used to write postcards and letters for each other.

So, try the old way once in a while. Write a beautiful romantic letter to your partner and send it to her. Make her feel special with your words.

Try visiting them once in a while: When a person is in a long-distance relationship, there would not be any sign of physical contact between you and your partner. But sometimes you feel like seeing them.

These days travelling is not a big deal and the cost isn't too high as well. Flights are giving ample discounts as well, considering that every common can could afford it. So, try surprising your partner by visiting them once in every six months. And spend a couple of days exploring together.

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