Experience India's Best Luxury Cruises of 2019

Experience Indias Best Luxury Cruises of 2019

In the modern dictionary, the word 'seasick' has two meanings. The first 'seasick' is nausea caused due to the motions while you're on board a ship.

In the modern dictionary, the word 'seasick' has two meanings. The first 'seasick' is nausea caused due to the motions while you're onboard a ship. The second ailment is because you miss the sea terribly; like the salty smell of the beaches, the rhythmic music of the waves, and the calming sight of blue waters. This sort of seasickness can only be cured by hopping onto a sea-bound vehicle and immersing yourself in the offerings of the ocean.

If you fall into the latter category, then this article is for you. We present to you the easiest way to sail through your holidays, courtesy luxury cruise stays that let you experience the delights of the deep sea. Day excursions that expose you to the shoreline, on-board activities that keep you occupied, and the calming presence of the vast ocean that is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. From cruises in the Sunderban delta to luxury liners that let your party while you travel from Mumbai to Goa, and even all-inclusive lavish ships that take you to some of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius, we have scoured the oceans in search of the most luxurious cruises that India has to offer.

The Oberoi Vrinda Luxury Kerala Cruise

Route: Allepey to Kochi

Duration: 2 nights, 3 days

Experience the backwaters of Kerela while soaking in the lap of luxury as you jump aboard The Oberoi Vrinda Luxury Cruiser. Starting its journey in the waters of Allepey, the cruise liner passes through Chambakulam, Kumarakom, Karumadi, and Nedumudy, to finally culminate in Kochi. Indulge in Ayurvedic massages, relax on the deck, experience classical dances on-board or sip on a delicious cocktail at the bar while you soak in the natural beauty of God's Own Country (a.k.a Kerala). Designed to mimic a heritage villa, the cruise liner boasts of luxury cabins with modern electronics, wide windows for the view and a warm, neutral colour palette.

Sunderbans Luxury Cruise By India Beacons

Route: Kolkata to Sundarbans

Duration: 3 nights, 4 days

Discover a different side of the world's largest tiger reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site through the delta formed by the convergence of three famous rivers, Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. The cruise sails through the mangrove forests so you can see the exotic wildlife, visit local villages, and soak in the culture of this unique region. Inside, the luxury cruise is equipped with all modern facilities and decorated with Bengali artefacts. Relax and catch up on your reading at their cosy library or walk through the art gallery to learn about Bengali art.

Ganges Voyager

Route: Around Kolkata

Duration: 7 nights, 8 days

Experience luxury that far exceeds the ones reserved for royals while travelling via boats as you embark on the Ganges Voyager in Kolkata for an eight-day journey through Bengal. The cruise is equipped with 28 well-equipped cabins ranging from deluxe to imperial suites, a well-trained and experienced crew, fine dining options, and an in-house spa. Stop for day excursions and soak in the local culture, from the beautiful terracotta temples in Baranagar to the erstwhile French colony, Chandernagore; the cruise offers a variety of delightful experiences. The plush interiors, baroque touches, and opulent furnishings take you back to a different era while the surrounding natural beauty lets you truly relax. Trust us, this is a luxury trip that's worth taking.

Samudram Lakshadweep Cruise

Route: Kochi to Lakshadweep atoll and back

Duration: 4 nights, 5 days

Take an adventurous trip down to the Lakshadweep Islands via the Samudram Cruise to discover spectacular sea views, white sandy beaches, and unimaginable aquatic life (if you choose to venture deep). This five-day cruise takes you to Kavaratti, Kalpeni, and Minicoy. Days are spent offshore indulging in swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling as well as turtle walking, coral reef walking, and bird watching while the nights are aboard the modern cruise liner.

Costa Victoria

Route: Mumbai -Kochi – Maldives itinerary

Duration: 7 nights, 8 days

Costa Victoria, one of the fascinating ships of the Costa fleet homeported for the 4th Indian season of the popular Italian brand.This 7-nights itinerary starts in Mumbai, with a two-day call to discover the fascinating capital of the state of Maharashtra. From here the south of India with New Mangalore and then Kochi. The excursion in Kerala on board a houseboat is very fascinating, among the tropical canals of the inner area of the city, a vast system of lagoons rich in mangroves and rainforests. After a day of sailing Costa Victoria will arrive in Male, where it will stop two days to allow its guests to end their holiday in the relaxation of the white beaches and crystal waters of the Maldives, before returning home.

The Vivada Cruise M.V. Paramhamsa

Route: Kolkata to Sundarbans

Duration: 3 nights, 4 days

The Vivada Cruise' M.V Paramhamsa introduces you to the mangrove ecosystem and is a must-do for adventure enthusiasts looking for some tiger sightings. Travel through the tree-lined delta and stopover to take safaris into the interiors of the Sunderban Tiger Reserve. You can also visit Bhagabatpur Island, a sanctuary for Gangetic crocodiles, and spot various migratory birds as you cruise through the channel. Better yet, visit a nearby village, Bali, to interact with locals, see their lifestyle, experience farming, paddy husking, honey packing, and see the fish market. Onboard there are traditional theatre performances, yoga classes, and spa treatments for you to indulge in.

Angriya Voyage of Wows

Route: Mumbai to Goa

Duration: 1 day, 1 night

Sailing through the Konkan Coast, the Angriya Cruise liner introduces you to the vast shoreline, coral diversity, and a royal onboard experience. This luxury cruise liner also believes in sustainable and green practices as a way to maintain an ecological balance at sea. From luxurious and spacious family rooms to pod accommodation, the cruise offers a variety of options to cater to a variety of travellers. The ship itself is equipped with a spa, various culinary options, a huge infinity pool, and a dance floor for some after-hours fun.

Sawfish Luxury Cruise

Route: Around Kochi

Duration: A few hours

Experience a quiet luxurious lifestyle aboard the 90 feet long Sawfish Luxury Cruise as you travel through the backwaters of Kerala. With a beautiful lounge area, an intimate dining deck, and a rooftop viewing deck, there's ample space for you to soak in the sights that the region has to offer. The cruise takes you to the Kadamakudy area, which is located off Kochi and comprises of 14 islands with a unique local life. Known for agriculture, fishing, and toddy tapping (yes, you can hope to get a taste), the cruise is ideal for exploring the local region. Take short trips to Valiya Kadamakudy, Pizhala, Moolampilly, Kothad, and Kandanad to see the various Catholic churches and partake in water-based activities like boating or kayaking.

Solita A Luxury Yacht

Route: Around Goa

Duration: Hourly or daily hire

One of India's most preferred cruise destinations, Goa is filled with a plethora of options from private yachts, large cruise liners to mid-size luxury boats. Sailing these blue waters is Solita, a luxury vehicle that offers both group daily day trips and private chartered ones. Aboard this luxury liner, you will find handcrafted teak interiors, a fully-equipped pantry, and two cabins with attached toilets cum shower areas. From hosting private parties for celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan to official events for head of states, the cruise liner has experienced it all. Take an excursion in search of hump-backed dolphins as you sail past the beaches of Candolim, Calangute, and Baga or deploy your anchor and enjoy a sunset cruise with cocktails and Goan delicacies; either way, the liner is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

TSG Bella Bay Cruise

Route: Around the Andaman Islands

Duration: Hourly to daily

The blue waters that surround the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are worth seeing whether you do so by land, walking on the white sandy beaches or via sea, diving deep or taking a cruise. While you can take connecting ferries or chartered boats to and from the islands, it's recommended that you take some time to experience the sights via a dinner cruise aboard the Bella Bay Luxury Cruise. Book yourself an early evening dinner to see the sunset or a late night one to eat under the stars and experience ultimate luxury with live music and a delectable buffet and drinks. The cruise explores areas around the Harbour such as Viper Island, Dundas point, Haddo, Chattam, Bambooflat, Mount Harriet, North Bay, Ross Island, and Marina Water sports complex. The boat can also be booked for longer stays.

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