World Hydrography Day 2020: History, Significance and Theme

World Hydrography Day 2020
World Hydrography Day 2020

World Hydrography Day raises awareness about the protection of safe navigation and marine life safety

World Hydrography Day 2020: People take a map along with them while travelling anywhere in the world to not lose their way and figure out where exactly they are. Similarly, ships or boats take the assistance of hydrography while sailing in the water bodies like big vast oceans, seas, and rivers. As we are going to observe World Hydrography Day on June 21, let's get familiar with the history, significance, theme of the day and what is IHO.

World Hydrography Day 2020: History

Every year World Hydrography Day is observed on June 21. The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) adopted this day and started following it since 2006 on June 21 every year.

What is the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)?

Established in 1921 International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) was the International Hydrographic Bureau. In 1970 the IHB was renamed to IHO. The reason behind the establishment was to provide a mechanism for consultation between governments on stuff like safe navigation, technical standards and protection of the marine environment.

The United Nations General Assembly accepted a resolution to celebrate World Hydrography Day on every June 21 in 2005. World Hydrography Day Global celebration started in 2006. This day aims to make the public aware about the hydrography that plays an essential role in everyone's life.

Hydrography deals with the description and measurement of the physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, rivers and lakes. It also forecasts their change over time for the primary purpose of safety of navigation and in support of all other marine activities. Hydrographers support plays a vital role in economic development and protection, security and defence, and scientific research.

World Hydrography Day 2020: Significance

To give recognition to the IHO at international level and urges all countries to work with IHO to endorse safe navigation and protection of marine life. All the international countries and institutions work together to protect the marine and promotion of safe global navigation.

World Hydrography Day is observed annually to showcase the importance of hydrography and hydrographers contribution. It also raises awareness about the protection of safe navigation and marine life protection.

World Hydrography Day 2020: Theme

This year the World Hydrography Day theme is 'Hydrography – enabling autonomous technologies' which showcase the crucial role of hydrography in autonomous technologies.

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