Yash Chaudhary Shares His Success Mantra As One Of The Youngest Marketing Guru

Yash Chaudhary Shares His Success Mantra As One Of The Youngest Marketing GuruYash Chaudhary

Taking it all one-step at a time, Yash Chaudhary went from an average guy to a marketing guru!

Taking it all one step at a time, Yash Chaudhary went from an average guy to a marketing guru! Here's his million-dollar story:

Young and a sucker for knowledge, Yash Chaudhary has become the much-coveted 21 yr-old marketing guru, through sheer hard work and natural skills for this field! However, in his words, it all started with one single book! "It's all about my goals in life. You won't believe I read this book called 'The Secret.' It said, 'You become what you think about most'. I wanted a life where I could do everything that I love. Travel and meet new people, talk to them and find out what they do and how I can help them."

Well, the man has definitely learned the art of understanding people and their needs in the most effective ways, talking about his curiosity to know more about this field and how, he responded, "I learned Digital Marketing on my own. I used to read for 72 hours straight… Always on my laptop. I spoke to Thousands of people and learned from them. And then Webree Ventures was born".

By taking on the road less travelled, Yash also had a knack of using his theoretical knowledge, practically and in reality! Cultivating his craft to an undoubted success, "By age 20 I had tried Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Native Ads, Free Traffic Sources…"

While the man became quite a skilled marketeer, there was one goal always set in his mind, he always wanted to work for himself! "I wanted to create a business on my own so I started learning about the affiliate marketing world. The first and easiest thing to do at that time was Pay Per Call offers. This is where networks pay you to get people to call in. You get paid $10 – $60 per call with offers like Plumbers near me or Air Ticket booking."

While taking on this journey, there were days of no returns, no pays and just sheer determination and will be left behind, "I was making money, a couple of thousand dollars per month. However, it wasn't all easy. The problem was that these networks only used to pay affiliate marketers after a month. So a lot of times I would do the work but then would have to wait on payments to arrive. I got scammed quite a few times."

Talking about how he always managed to keep up the faith and hope burning, "I didn't feel low because I knew that I could get traffic again. I continued studying. I learned everything there was to know about Google Ads— every policy and every feature. I tried out everything in order to figure out what works."

Unlike many others, Yash Chaudhary believes that those who believe in themselves and help themselves shall be dealt with the most rewarding cards in life! In the long run, the marketing guru didn't just achieve his dreams but also brought forth a company that helps many others to achieve their own!

"Once I figured out how to avoid the scammers it was all up and up from there. We started to find products in the affiliate marketing world that allowed us to make 200% profits. I learned tricks like what colour-scheme can lead to more sales and what type of webpage people respond best to. Knowledge like this really helped my earnings to take off.

Today, we have about 200 offers that we promote. Web free Ventures is about 40 people now, including roughly 100 virtual assistants who are located in the Philippines. We have offices in two different locations in India."

Well, Yash Chaudhary is undoubtedly the guru of marketing, but the 21 yr-old is also a motivation to many, who're striving each day to become a legend like him!

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