My Voice: Views of our readers 30th April 2020

My Voice: Views of our readers 30th April 2020

Villages, from time immemorial, have always maintained their unique essence.

Villagers' fight against Covid-19 commendable

Villages, from time immemorial, have always maintained their unique essence. Though a number of towns and cities sprang up over the time, villages were and are still known for preserving their distinct societal cultures. In this sphere, even the most-deadly pandemic, the Covid-19, could not defeat them. Albeit not knowing the scientific technicalities involved, villagers have showed a commendable behaviour in fighting against the virus. From strictly guarding their villages from outsiders to having their own haircuts, Indian villagers have displayed an exemplary courage and responsibility during this moment of distress. Thus, long ago, Mahatma Gandhiji was apt in saying that, "India lives in her seven hundred thousand villages."

Ramala Kinnera, Nacharam, Hyderabad

Let's stand by the govt

When the entire global order is going through an unprecedented critical period induced by Covid-19 , the Centre and the Telangana government are performing their best in reaching out the needy during these terrible times. However, the uproar against the Central government's move to freeze the DA due to its employees up to July 2021 is immaterial. It should be remembered that in spite of multiple challenges posed by the Covid lockdown, the Central government has acted in haste and eased the pressure on the common man through various means. A relief package worth Rs 1.75 lakh crore announced by the Central government and the RBI's efforts to infuse Rs 1 lakh crore into the economy through multiple routes fall under this category. Many State governments have paid only 50 % salaries to their employees for the month of March, even though their services were utilised till 21st of that month, but no such deduction has been made to Central government employees. Some State governments have deducted pensions, certainly the only means of subsistence for many retired employees. This is the time we stand by the government in its efforts to restore normalcy by eliminating the contagion from its territory.

Satish Reddy Kanaganti, Tipparthy, Nalgonda

Indian students abroad need help

It is a matter of concern that Indian students studying and living in the USA, the UK, Canada and some other parts of Europe are facing a tough time and cannot pay their rent for accommodation due to the pandemic. Some say that they have lost part-time jobs due to the lockdown, and are unable to pay monthly rent, while others have moved out to live with relatives but still have to pay rent for empty flats. Now they are forced to seek financial aid from universities to tide over the crisis. But a question arises, why they should pay for an empty flat which they are not using now? Tenants should not charge them monthly rent or should allow them extra time to pay rent. However, if it is needed, Indian government should help their students during this crisis.

Noor Ahmad, Hyderabad

New inclusive capitalism need of the hour

Economics as a science that once worked for the welfare of the people has now turned into a theory that supports the neoliberal era of corporate dominance. The notions of raising taxes on the wealthy, increasing the wages of the poor and a need to regulate the corporate organisations are diametrically opposed to the neoliberal economics that reckons such steps as exceptionally destructive. However, decades of hunger and misery for the masses corroborates the deceptiveness of such a claim. People are sick of sacrificing themselves for the big game plans of the big economic powers and their unyielding ideology of self-interest. We, therefore, need a more just and inclusive economics that works towards enhancement of social cooperation necessary for a society to flourish. Humans, indeed, are inherently altruistic with an overriding passion for reciprocity. We urgently need a revision of neoliberal economics that strives towards a higher performing democracy, the only antidote to the ancient feudal system. To increase the wages, therefore, would imply increasing the demand which would in turn contribute to a new capitalism where the working class and the middle class thrive. Transparently self-aggrandising capitalism just cannot work. It has to be a new inclusive capitalism, dynamic enough for a better tomorrow.

Soumya Xavier,Hyderabad

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