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Apart from a shortage of vaccines, the Government of India has created a huge confusion over interval of first and second doses.

Confusion over second dose vaccination

Apart from a shortage of vaccines, the Government of India has created a huge confusion over interval of first and second doses. When Covishield was first administered the gap between the first second dose was 4-6 weeks (28-42 days). Later in March, Government of India revised the same to 6-8 (42-56 days). However, the vaccination certificate issued for continues to mention the second dose due 28 days. Whereas in the FAQ of CoWin Portal on second dose vaccination for Covishield the recommended interval is 4-8 weeks (28-56 days), while an interval of 6-8 weeks gives enhanced protection.

On the other hand the Arogyasetu information on the vaccination appointment, the second dose Covishield should be taken between 28 days to 56 days (4-8 weeks) after the first dose. Under this situation when the Central government issued directives to the state to focus on the second dose, the state government has hurriedly announced a second dose special drive between 8-12 May for walk-in vaccination.

After reading the news, I and my spouse like thousands of others visited the government centre and were told we have to complete 42 days (6 weeks) and few other people who have passed 4 weeks (28 days) got vaccinated. It is not clear why the government of India while accepting the expert advice to retain the lower limit of 4 weeks (or 28 days) and only extended the upper limit to 8 weeks (or 56 days). I would urge the state government to allow all those who have crossed 4 weeks (28 days) to take the vaccine as part of a special drive and extend this until the end of May so that maximum people waiting for the second dose are cleared to avoid crossing 56 days period.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad


The government and the people should be well prepared before the invasion of the third wave, now that the medicines for the Indian double and UK variant have been discovered. Our country has a huge population. All are to be vaccinated. The Central and the State governments should take quick action to augment the vaccine supplies to the hospitals. Opening of additional vaccination centres will of immense help. Formulate a strategic plan to vaccinate people. Initially there was medical hesitancy among the masses but now it has become a non-existent factor among the people.

But a physiological fear has been created among the people. Vaccination seems to be the one and the only answer for the virus. Still front line workers and adults over sixty years of age are to be vaccinated. Vaccination for 18 to 45 age group is yet to start. Only some 16 per cent of the people are reported to have been vaccinated so far. It is far from satisfactory.

We the people, in the meanwhile, should increase our body immunity power. Yoga and Pranayama will be of help. We should avoid gatherings, use masks and maintain social distancing besides keeping neat and clean our hands often sanitising it. There is no use in pointing our fingers to the PM or CM. We should stand united, this is for opposition party too, follow the SOPs to true letter and spirit to keep the virus at bay.

Sravana Ramachandran, Chennai

Let's help the needy

Now India is passing through a very turbulent situation. All the people are in a state of depression. Both the Central and most of the States are doing their level best to save the people. In this process there may be some lapses and shortfalls here and there. As responsible citizens we have a duty to lend our helping hand to the needy. Instead of criticising the governments, we have to contribute our level best to help the country come out of this pandemic. People should restrain themselves from passing meaningless comments which may weaken our administration.

D V Seshasai, Narasaraopet

Naidu, Jagan both at fault

Both Jagan and Naidu are blaming each other where the people of AP are staring at a bleak future due to Modi government not keeping many of its promises with regard to Polavaram project, Amaravathi Capital, Revenue deficit and Special status. Surprisingly both Jagan and Naidu are tight-lipped over the apathetic and discriminatory attitude of the Centre towards AP for the reasons best known to them which is hindering the economic prosperity of AP.

They are not even demanding the Centre the payment of GST dues. It is perplexing to see both the parties extending support in Parliament to controversial legislations such as farm laws, new labour laws, citizenship laws which seek to undermine constitutional values such as federalism and secularism.

Apparently, both the leaders are not voicing their concern over the dubious actions of centre that are intended to take away the rights of States and to make them stripped of financial resources. Both of them ought to take a leaf out of Kerala political culture where both CM and leader of opposition together address Press meets, together travel in helicopter to assess the loss due to floods and together demand the Centre the legitimate share of Kerala out of GST collections. It is high time both Jagan and CBN acted sincerely to safeguard the interests of people of AP.

There is an urgent need in AP to put a halt to mischievous power politics and ugly blame game which are making people to fight among themselves on the basis of caste identities. Both the leaders should stop kneeling down before the top leader and should put collective efforts to get the State's due share from the Centre lest people of AP would start believing that both the leaders are putting self- interests above the State's interests with a view to seek favours from the top leader of the country in the matter of facing the investigations from central agencies such as CBI and ED.

Narne Raveendra Babu, Hyderabad

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