MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st April 2021


Serve the needy, stop politicking The writer Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu has rightly said that as the conduct and behaviour of politicians has dete...

Serve the needy, stop politicking

The writer Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu has rightly said that as the conduct and behaviour of politicians has deteriorated to such an extent that even calamity does not move their heart.

The failure of the political class to stand up and come to the rescue of lakhs of people affected by the pandemic but away busy in electioneering dreaming of electoral victory at the cost of social catastrophe exposes the fact that for them life revolves around greed and avarice and not peoples' life.

It is shameful that everytime court had to intervene and remind them about their duties and responsibilities towards people and the society.

When Right to health for every citizen is a fundamental right as enshrined in the constitution, it is surprising that on account of sense of lethargy and indifference, politicians failed to prioritise so far.

As a result, there is no real strategy to deal with public health emergencies and still no preparedness plan for outbreaks or disaster management plan.

Knowing private hospitals fleece the people causing much pain than real cure to the patients, Government's failure to come to the aid of suffering public who were endlessly and systematically exploited when it is the right of every citizen to get equitable justice and treatment at affordable costs.

It is time, politicians keep aside politics during times of health emergency by going extra mile to exert pressure on government to fulfilthe basic needs of people by providing critical care facilities, medicines on priority because providing quality health care for all and access to basic determinant of health is a basic right of every citizen.

KRSrinivasan, Secunderabad

Amartya Sen is not being factual

It is audacious for Dr Amartya Sen, anon-resident Indian Nobel Laureate to make false comments that the BJP is trying to ignore Bengal's Muslims' interests and welfare with the help of non-Bengali Hindus.

He further said that as opined by Gandhiji , Bengal always cherished unity and not division. How false and history -negationist his statements can be realised if one recalls that the Muslim League government of Premier , HS Suhrawardy launched " Direct Action" of loot, murder, burning, and arson in Calcutta on August 16, 1946 to force Hindus , the opponents of partition of India to create the Islamic state of Pakistan , into submission to Muslim's demand. This Direct Action of Muslims of Bengal plunged whole of north India from Bengal to NWFP and Sindh into history's worse communal carnage.

Further, it was the 34-year-long Communist parties' rule and the 10- year Trinamul Congress rule in West Bengal and decades-long Congress rule in Assam that facilitated the infiltration of millions of Bangladesh Muslims (and of late, Rohingyas) into Bengal and Assam. This is obviously to the detriment of Hindus. These infiltrated Muslims for use as vote-banks by the Congress, Communist parties and the Trinamul Congress.

Amartya Sen tries to cover up his very well- known Marxist-Communist exercise to falsify history to support their belief and faith by flaunting this Nobel Laureate appellation . He gratuitously advises West Bengal's voters to reject BJP.

He also commended the welfare policies of Mamata's TMC. Earlier for more than three decades he supported theCommunist rule in West Bengal. The 44 years of anti- Bengal's Hindu governments has the approval of this Marxist academician. His record as the Chancellor of Nalanda University was one of infamy.

Dr T Hanuman Chowdary, Secunderabad

Ensure vaccination, avoid crowding

The government's move to allow 18 years and above to get vaccinated through late should be welcomed. However, both Centre and States have to seriously take steps to end the shortage of vaccines across India as there is a large number of people already waiting for the second shot and with the easing of the age limit there is bound to be a rush in vaccination centreswhich can lead to chaos.

If the steps are not urgently taken to include more centres, with more youngsters joining the group can even lead to a stampede. Also, we can longer allow the people to stand in queue and send them back which can multiply the spread of the virus.

So, everyone who gets registered and comes for vaccination should be vaccinated without fail.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad


First the CM of the Punjab was tested Covid positive, then it was the turn of the CM of Uttar Pradesh and now the CM of Telangana.Apart from these VIPs, many central and State Ministers, IAS and IPS officers have tested positive and alas, some of them lost their lives, all in the service the people and in the service of the country.

All these VIP Covid patients don't face problems like finding beds in hospitals, getting a steady support of ventilators and supply of oxygen and high end medical attention round the clock. These are the problems of the general public.

The irony is while these "servants of people" find VIP treatment, their 'Masters', the people themselves are deprived of it. Like death, corona is the 'leveller',that treats both the haves and the have nots the same way.But our leaders have made the pandemic look biased and a lover of the powerful and the rich.

MSomasekhar Prasad, Hyderabad

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