MyVoice: Views of our readers 27th November 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th December 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th December 2021


Among the poll promises made by the BJP before coming to power the second time was one of its manifesto related to issues connected to water

Deliberately defiant?

The news that over 3.5 lakh people in the Old city of Hyderabad are yet to take the 2nd jab of Covid vaccination, despite persuasion and cajoling by local leaders, MLA and MP in the area is dismaying, which shows the deliberate apathy by some sections of the population in the area to be wantonly allergic to the idea of the much needed vaccine that will help the country to put a check to the spread of coronavirus in Telangana. This mentality by the community came at a time when the country is well into achieving the herd immunity against covid-19, in view of more than 1/3 of Indian population already inoculated against coronavirus. From the day one of the vaccination programme in the country, the Muslim community came up with all sorts of disinformation to berate and undermine the pan India vaccination drive, by creating rumours and false stories. Let us hope the population will not upset the applecart of public health in the country, by being intransigent and indifferent to much needed coronavirus jabs.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad

RIP letter writers!

Dr. Mohan Kanda has touched upon just a few Hindi songs. There are many others like 'Dakiya Dak laya', or 'Khat likhade sawariyan ke naam babu' which express the full gamut of human emotions. With the advent of email, the post office has almost become defunct. In addition typing on emails has none of the intimacy of a handwritten letter. The stress or condition of the mind of the letter writer could be accurately estimated by the experts. Imagine all the letters written by great men were on email. Would they have been a collector's item, where they can be bid for huge amounts. Digital ownership does not have the tangibility of a physical letter. With emails edging out handwritten letters proverbs like, 'cross the t's and dot the j's are also obsolete. It's not for nothing that a lover of literature was called 'a man of letters!

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

Continuing water woes

Among the poll promises made by the BJP before coming to power the second time was one of its manifesto related to issues connected to water .It was very interesting and the scheme, during election time, got the attention of the whole country . The scheme was one connected to man's basic necessities - water. The ruling party had at that time promised that it is pledged to see that if it comes back to power it's government will see that pipe water connection and supply is made to every household by 2024. The manifesto promised piped water for every household by 2024 and also on the formation of a new ministry of water unifying the water management functions to approach the issues related to it . It also assured a mission - 'Jal Jivan mission ' which would be launched under which a special programme called ' Nal se Jal ' will be introduced to ensure piped water for every House hold by 2024. It's already past two years since the government came to power the second time and true to its promise a department and various campaigns and missions to conserve and to use every drop of water has been taken but to truly fulfill its promise there is a long way to go. A lot of efforts have to be made to solve water issues in the country.

M Pradyu, Kannur

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