MyVoice: Views of our readers 30th January 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 30th January 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 30th January 2020


The two verdicts of Nagpur Bench of Mumbai High court in two POCSO cases, nullifying the verdicts of lower courts on frivolous grounds are unfortunate

Insensitive approach

The two verdicts of Nagpur Bench of Mumbai High court in two POCSO cases, nullifying the verdicts of lower courts on frivolous grounds are unfortunate. In one case it was opined that as there was no skin to skin contact with the victim girl the offence could not be treated as a sexual offence and in other case even touching the girl and showing her obscene gesture couldn't be treated as an offence. Both these observations by the High court are insensitive, irrational and can amount to be disservice to the POCSO law itself. As only 28 per cent such cases are reaching to endpoint of legal course and such heinous crimes are prevalent now, the law of land should not be lenient towards such offences. It's glad that apex court has stayed the High court's decision in one case, it's the need of the hour to sensitise the authorities regarding the offences against children.

Dr D V G Sankararao, Nellimarla

Phase out TDS for senior citizens

The most affected persons in banking industry are the depositors who with no other go invest their hard-earned money with banks, whereas the banks in return have been going on reducing the rate of interest on deposits on one pretext or other. Besides in spite of several repeated requests from the public to lift the TDS on interest on deposits for several years before the presentation of budget the finance ministry never obliged. Think about the senior citizens especially of middle class who cannot go outside the bank for getting higher interest rates have been keeping their hard-earned money with banks with lowest interest rates.

The forthcoming Budget should consider phasing out the TDS on deposits and increase the interest rates on deposits if not to all but to senior citizens since they live only on the interest on their deposits. In addition , the NPA levels are steadily increasing putting a brake on banks to raise the deposit rates. Thus depositors are also indirectly bearing the brunt of humongous NPAs for no fault of theirs. Hence a fast amelioration of asset quality is the need of the hour. Kindly protect the interests of bank depositors. Concentrate on them and let them live happily with sufficient amount of returns on their deposits.

TSN Rao, Bhimavaram

Farmers or manipulators?

Most of the farmer netas are stinkingly rich, as evidenced by the opulence displayed at the protest site. They are also supported by big mandi commission agents who belong to SAD, Congress, NCP who avail of income tax concession on their huge income under the guise of agricultural income. In one case a politician claims ₹1000 crores as agri income out of ownership of 100 acres of land.

We would like to know the extraordinary practice that fetches such huge income out of agriculture. An ordinary farmer is extremely happy to be freed from the clutches of manipulators. Let Govt of India take a vote from farmers verified by Aadhaar regarding their opinions on the farm laws. Using the facade of annadatas we see a horde of rich hooligans taking the nation to ransom and the citizens for a ride. It is time we humble citizens with honesty and integrity as our innate qualities should go all out to support the government which is having the farmer's welfare in its heart. We should boot out these pseudo farmers.

J Kannan, Hyderabad

The way the Central government dealt with the anarchic farmers' agitation is extraordinary. At the same time the restraint shown by the Delhi police is exemplary. Both of them responded to the situation but not reacted. Had there been lathi charge or firing, the situation would have gone out of control. Even though more than 200 police personnel got injured, they never lost their control. Ultimately both the Centre and the Police could expose the real colours of the protestors. Now the Police have a moral right to take stern actions against the culprits. The Centre too can be a bit aggressive in its decisions.

Venkata Seshasai Deevi, Narasaraopet

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