Why such a fuss over September 17?

Why such a fuss over September 17?

There have been, since a couple of days, this time, so many discussions, debates and arguments among people about the significance of 17th September

There have been, since a couple of days, this time, so many discussions, debates and arguments among people about the significance of 17th September, since it is the day when the state of Hyderabad, one of the princely states in India, joined the Indian Union with the force of 'Operation Polo' , a military action led by late Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the then Home Minister of India.

Of course, such discussions, debates and arguments are pretty common every year, as it is the day to remember the event that did take place on that day, as part of our history. But, this time, though the issue is same; it is being viewed from diverse directions by different organisations and political outfits.

As, it seems, everyone is trying to claim the right over that historical incident, thinking that their associates had played a key role in the happening.

So that, some sections strongly argue that it is not the day of liberation; but is the day of merging, whereas some other sections do debate that it is not the day of merging; it is the day of liberation like any other princely state that got integrated into the India Union.

However, people, who have known the history of India, do remember what had happened from 13 September to 17 September 1948, especially in case of the Princely state of Hyderabad which was ruled by Asaf Jahi Kings till 1948.

Thus, the people, who have known the history of India, have a right to pass a judgment whether 17 September is to be considered as the day of liberation or the day of integration. It is not you and me who do not aware of the things that took place on that particular day

But, in spite of knowing the facts about the day, to get a political mileage and to have a strong footing in a place where there is no share for them and in which there is no scope for them to stand up, they are trying to politicize the issue to reap benefits out of it at the cost of other people who would become victims, if something happened on the pretext of this event.

The fact known about the city of Hyderabad is that it is the place of unity in diversity. People from across India have been living here harmoniously since a little over half a century.

They are least bothered to know about the significance of the day, whether it is the day of liberation or of integration; on which there are many arguments, as they want to lead their lives in peace and harmony.

So, the organisations, which are trying to politicise the issue on the pretext of the very two (controversial) words " integration" and "liberation," should keep in mind the interests of people and subside the issue herewith.. Or else, because of the vested interests of such political organizations, the peace and harmony of people living in Hyderabad may get disturbed.

Hence, the political organizations must keep aside their arguments about whether 17th September is the day of liberation or integration, and work for the unity and integrity among people to live together, by forgetting all bigotry feelings that would cause commotion in society where in people work together for the enrichment of their own place through which they will get everything that their life needed.

Thus, the political organisations must not convert Hyderabad into the status of Jammu and Kashmir and Hongkong to get their own agenda succeeded. There are many other ways to get a hold on a place where they don't have their own mark; and where they wish to gain their own strong footing for various reasons.

But not only on the basis of the past that went out of people's mind. In addition, writers must not incite the issues by distorting the facts of the issue. The writers, thus, must maintain balance while writing their opinions on the past memories/ issues which will still haunt some of us as we had lost our near and dear ones for a noble cause.

Fighting with ideas and opinions are more dangerous than fighting with weapons and any other means of harmful devices. So, let people forget certain incidents that are too painful to remembers; and let them be part of things that will give a new shape for the integrity and harmony among people. Let us be flexible like water that washes away all the unwanted with its course.

Dr Venkat Avula, Hyderabad

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