Former CM Bommai alleges transfer scam

Former CM Bommai alleges transfer scam

Belgaum: Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has alleged that the state government is busy in the transfer scam and the Chief Minister is...

Belgaum: Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has alleged that the state government is busy in the transfer scam and the Chief Minister is struggling to retain his seat.

Speaking to the media at Belgaum Airport, Basavaraj Bommai said that in one part of the state, houses have been damaged and cattle have died on a large scale due to heavy rains. There is a flood situation in about 11 districts, there is no rain in the rest of the districts, but the state government is not paying attention to this. The chief minister alleged that no remedial work has been done except video conferencing.

He said, Rs 10,000 compensation should be given immediately to those who lost their homes, which has not been given so far. Even the preliminary survey has not been done for crop destruction. There is a huge loss of life, the government is not paying attention to it. No minister has visited the flood affected areas. There is no system of providing seed fertilizer to the drought-prone areas to grow other crops. The government is only engaged in politics.

They are struggling to maintain their position, the Chief Minister is spending time to resolve the war between the ministers and MLA’s. The people of the state are in dire straits today, and the government has not come to their aid. All the ministers should immediately visit the flood affected areas. He demanded to visit the place of death and offer condolences.

He said, during our government, we have given 5 lakh compensation to those who lost their homes. Compensation should still be given according to such criteria. Rs 10,000 compensation should be given to the victims immediately. Along with the central government, the state government crop relief just like we did. Rs 2600 crore compensation we gave in a single month. The central government had given Rs 6500 compensation to dry farmers, we have given Rs 1300. As Rs 15,000 for irrigated land was given, we have given Rs 25,000 as compensation.

For horticulture crops, the central government gave Rs 18,000, while we gave Rs 28,000 as compensation. Farmers should be compensated according to the same criteria. He said that the government should wake up immediately and inform the officials.

Speaking from our experience, Ministers should immediately visit flood affected areas. If not, as long as this government is there, we have given compensation from the state government along with the SDRF compensation. We have given compensation of five lakhs rupees and facilitated construction of houses for the victims, Bommai said. We took this step under the leadership of BSY. We have given compensation of Rs 5 lakhs for fully damaged houses and Rs 3 lakhs for partially damaged houses. We have come to help the flood victims who are in distress. Otherwise, this government will do injustice to the poor, he said.

This government is completely involved in the transfer business. All are involved in the transfer racket, for which there is competition in the government. Bommai alleged that bargaining was going on in the transfer racket. The Lok Sabha elections will be held under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are preparing, we will meet district wise. He said that the BJP state president will be appointed as soon as possible.

Responding to a question about the case of a fatal attack by the police on a disabled person in Belgaum, he said that the anti-social forces are now running around without fear. This government is supporting the anti-social forces. They are no longer afraid of the police, and law and order has deteriorated. Common people are attacked, girls are attacked, police officers are killed, and on the other hand innocent people are attacked by the police, Bommai said.

He added, the law and order situation in the state is not good, the government is a complete failure. He warned that if action is not taken against the guilty officials immediately, the people will revolt against the government.

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