Various govt departments owe Rs 147 crore to Water Board

Various govt departments owe Rs 147 crore to Water Board

Various govt departments owe Rs 147 crore to Water Board


  • Among the arrears, state government institutions and BBMP have a large share
  • While electricity charges have been increased six times in nine years, water charges have remained the same

Bengaluru: Thewater supply and sewerage management fee is the main source of revenue of the Jalamandali. However, the departments under the central and state governments have kept the due of Rs 147 crore and pushed the Jalamandali to a loss.

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board currently provides water connection to 10.55 lakh households. Also, sewerage board service is being provided. From all this, annual income of Rs 1,300 crore is generated to the board. However, the cost of expenses has also increased, and all the income is being spent on various purposes. Thus, the Water Board is facing losses.

For the past few years central government-owned banks, educational institutions, departments including the Railways and several state government institutions, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and statutory bodies have added up huge arrears of Rs 140 crore in water charges. An interest of Rs 7 crore has been charged on this. A total of Rs 147.50 crore has to be paid till May of the current year.

Among the arrears, state government institutions and BBMP have a large share. Several departments of the state government have to pay Rs 45.92 crore, BBMP Rs 6.40 crore in due of water charges to Jalamandali. If paid with interest, the amount will increase even more.

Expenditure increases over income

In 2013, Jalamandali was paying Rs 35 crore every month for Electricity charges. Now every month Rs 70 crore electricity bill is being paid. BESCOM has increased electricity charges six times in nine years. Also, the board had fewer staff and officers in those days. Now additional posts have been created and recruited according to the performance. However, the cost charged for the water is the same amount as earlier, the cost has not changed or increased. Therefore, the expenditure is increasing more than the amount of income coming to the board, said a senior official.

Jalamandali has issued several notices to each department that has outstanding water charges. However, no department has paid the outstanding amounts so far. While some departments are asking for time, some departments are requesting for waiver. Officials are of the opinion that Jalamandali cannot bear this burden.

Several central and state government departments have been issued several notices to pay the outstanding water charges. They have also warned that water connection will be disconnected if payment is not made. As it is owned by the government, the water connection has not been disconnected immediately so as not to disturb the work of the public. Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board President N Jayaram says that every department that has arrears should understand the situation and pay the bill.

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