CM KCR refutes Opposition criticism on Dalit Bandhu

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao


Ridiculing the criticism over the announcement of Dalit Bandhu scheme from Huzurabad, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday said that as a political party TRS would want to gain political benefit.

Hyderabad: Ridiculing the criticism over the announcement of Dalit Bandhu scheme from Huzurabad, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday said that as a political party TRS would want to gain political benefit. He promised that Telangana would have a bright future.

The Chief Minister was addressing a gathering of leaders who joined the pink party along with Congress leader P Kaushik Reddy at Telangana Bhavan. Stating that Kaushik Reddy has taken a good decision, KCR assured him of a big role at the State level in future.

He lashed out at Opposition parties for their criticism of the scheme. "Few people's blood pressure is increasing, and they are mocking me. They have cursed me on my appearance, but I focused on my work and achieved Telangana. There will be negative forces who keep on criticising every issue; but good people will not stop their journey," said the TRS chief.

The CM said, "is TRS a party of 'sannasis'? it is a political party. We will think in such a way that it politically benefits us. The government is starting Dalit Bandhu. We had to start from somewhere. We could have started in Gajwel. This is the fortune of Huzurabad that it is being started in your constituency. 'Rythu Bandhu' was also started in Karimnagar town. 'Simha Garjana' was taken up in Karimnagar. I have respect for Karimnagar."

Appreciating the decision of Reddy to join the party, the TRS supremo said the former would have a bigger role to play in future. "You will not be restricted to Huzurabad. You will get chances to work at the State level. After us, these people will come into picture. I bless him. He will not be stopping with a small post. Youth will build the future," he said, asking the youngsters to play a role in Dalit Bandhu and work for its success.

Speaking on the Dalit Bandhu, the CM said the scheme was not a 'tamasha'. "We have talked to officials, people and prepared the scheme, which is like Rythu Bandhu. Individual Dalits will be owners of Rs 10 lakh, we will not force him, but will tell him what he should do. We will give a card with a chip (barcode) and will continuously monitor him. Even after his death, the family should not come onto streets. The beauty of the scheme is that he will get returns into his bank account. A supportive structure is being created," KCR said.

He said there was poverty everywhere in the country, but Dalits have been suffering two ways, one of them is untouchability. The CM recalled how Rythu Bandhu was launched on the advice of Ashok Gulati. "Because of the scheme farmers are proudly saying 'we are farmers of Telangana'.

NTR gave me opportunity: KCR

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday said that he came into politics after founder of Telugu Desam NT Rama Rao gave him the opportunity.

He was addressing a gathering at Telangana Bhavan where Congress leader P Kaushik Reddy joined the TRS. The CM recalled his political past and also the Telangana agitation.

"I came into politics and became MLA after NTR gave me the opportunity. I was given 20 minutes to speak in the Assembly; but with my speaking ability, I could talk for 80 minutes. Even though I was in Opposition, the Speaker came and hugged me," said the TRs president.

KCR said the 1969 agitation had taught many things. He recalled speaking with Telangana ideologue Prof Jayashankar on taking the agitation forward. "I asked Prof Jayashankar what they did after the failure of the 1969 agitation. He said he used to have meetings with four-five people in villages. I asked them what will happen with such small meetings, Jayashankar said, "someone like you will come in future and these four-five people in each taluka will support you," he remarked.

The CM observed that power was not permanent for anyone and politics was a continuous process. "The schemes which are being implemented are brought after lot of deliberations. We don't have the right to commit mistakes in the State which was achieved after fighting," he said.

He contended that Andhra Pradesh was no match to Telangana in terms of food production now. The 'Rythu Bandhu' scheme was introduced after deliberating for six months. "None had asked him to bring a scheme like KCR Kits, residential schools for weaker sections. Telangana is number one in production of sheep.

He alleged that Telangana had to suffer in all sectors even after having all resources during undivided AP.

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