For all pockets and preferences

For all pockets and preferences

The show is conceived to encourage collecting art, especially first-time buyers.

'Collect Art 2019'a collection of paintings, sculptures and prints by 60 artists are on display at ICONART Gallery.

The show is conceived to encourage collecting art, especially first-time buyers. "We decorate our homes and offices. Is it not exciting to have art works that mean something special to us? Something beautiful and expressive that has touched our heart with its lines, shapes, forms and colours, something which you are not bored of seeing is forever on your wall. So, prepare to take the plunge into collecting art.

There is a misconception that art collecting is not accessible, but that is simply not true,' says Dr Avani Rao Gandra, artist /curator at ICONART Gallery.

As a part of the show one can see a range of styles from realistic, figurative to abstract from professional artists put together on display. They range from quick sketches, paper works to canvas with mediums from water colour, acrylic, charcoal, graphite…

For the new buyers first step is to understand what to collect and then how to make it happen. Avani says, "You need a realistic budget that works for you.

There are many ways of collecting artthat suits your budget, but the most important thing is to develop your sensibilities towards appreciating different kinds of arts, be it paintings, sculptures or prints. To understand the excitement of modern and contemporary art practices, you will be surprised how much you can relate art to your own thoughts and feelings."

She says, "Young collectors must be encouraged to see, observe, do research about art, take interest in latest happenings of the art world and develop their own taste and manage their budgets to build their collection."

"See around you, visit galleries and museums, read whatever you can about art, speak to art professionals like artists, curator s, historians, writers, you will see yourself developing your taste and style preferences. Be open to what you do not know or understand, that's the exciting part of the journey, to step into the artists shoes and see a different perspective of the self and the world," she adds.

About the price she says, "Yes, we have put in an effort to bring in quality artworks for reasonable budgets -small exquisite water colours to wooden sculptures start from Rs 1000 onwards, to initiate first time collecting."

She states, "It takes some time to understand what interests you. Do not be intimidated by the prices, there is a wide range of art by upcoming and talented artists.

The excitement in picking up something you love from an undervalued, yet to be discovered artist is more fulfilling than to buy a blue chip, investment worthy art. Discover new talent that suit your budget and taste, observe and see them growing, making a mark, while you enjoy their art everyday with your cup of coffee.

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