Hyderabad: First-time voters enjoy having brush with exercising franchise

Hyderabad: First-time voters enjoy having brush with exercising franchise

Narrate their experiences and expectations on making their debut as voters

Hyderabad : The wave of enthusiasm was sweeping through the first-time voters, as they were eager to cast their votes in the Assembly elections on Thursday. They were seen standing in long queues patiently to exercise their vote in the city on Thursday.

An interesting few group of first-time voters to encourage the other voters to come out and vote, took the street of Narayanguda X Road with placards and encouraged every passerby to exercise their right to vote on Thursday.

The first-time voters were also keen to know their candidates before exercising their franchise and making a well-informed choice and soon after their votes several took to social media to share photos of inked index fingers and videos of their experience, considering it an essential civic duty. Most of the first-time voters said that they felt a sense of empowerment and pride in being able to contribute to shaping the future of the State.

For Gayathri Reddy, a 19-year-old college student from the Kukatpally constituency, her first vote in the assembly polls was to get the proper development in all the sectors, especially in the education sector. As voting and choosing the right is every citizen's right and even I was waiting for a long to be part one among them and this election I got the right to vote.”

Anitha Chowdary, another first-time voter from Serlingampally constituency, said “That she was nervous before voting, as it was all a new experience. Over the past several weeks, I witnessed the candidates campaigning in our area and during their time of canvassing, I interacted with a few colony members so that I could make my choice.”

Anushka Sarkar, a 21-year-old college student from Qutubullapur constituency, said, “ This year the election scenario was very interesting, as in these two months, we came to know many things about the State and also our constituency. Well, casting a vote for the first time is a different feeling altogether.”

Meanwhile, several political leaders have urged people, especially first-timers, to vote, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a post on X, called upon people in Telangana to celebrate the festival of democracy.

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