Hyderabad: Nizam's Museum to be open on public holidays also

Nizam’s Museum to be open on public holidays also

Nizam’s Museum to be open on public holidays also


The management decides to grant students and the disabled free entry

Purani Haveli: For history buffs interested in exploring the untouched attractive treasure-trove of the rulers of erstwhile princely State and those interested in delving into olden times of Hyderabad, the Nizam Trust has decided to open the Nizam VII Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan's Museum on all public holidays. There will be free entry for students and disabled.

According to the museum administration, the Nizam's Trust wanted to show its visitors the treasure of Nizam."After the lockdown relaxations and reopening of the museum, the Nizam's Trust decided to remain open on all public holidays, except Fridays, for its visitors and showcase the fascinating belongings of Nizam VII which is hardly found in the world.

The Trust also decided to keep the entry free for students as well as for the handicapped, as Nizam wanted the future generations to know about him," said Dr Seema Arshad, Administrative Officer (AO), Nizam's Museum on Sunday.

Generally referred to as HEH Nizam's Museum, or the Purani Haveli Museum, it is located at the Purani Haveli which was one of Nizam's palaces that was later converted to a museum. "This can't be closed for visitors. Be it a local or a foreigner, everyone craves to know about his time."

Speaking to The Hans India, Dr Seema informed that recently 24 disabled people from Chennai who visited the museum were allowed a free entry into the museum.

"We wanted the students to visit and explore about the times and achievements of the people of Hyderabad as the museum tells a lot about the Nizam himself," she said.

The museum is famous for its collection of Nizam's artefacts including a golden throne, gold tiffin box with diamonds, glass inlay painting of Mir Osman Ali Khan, silver 'ittardans' (perfume containers) and silver coffee cups studded with diamonds safeguarded in the Nizam's museum, added Dr Seema.

The Museum also houses the models, made of silver, of the landmark buildings in Hyderabad such as Moazzam Jahi Market, Nizamsagar Dam and State Assembly old building. The Nizams Museum also features the wardrobe of Nawab Mir Mahbub Ali Khan, Nizam VI, which is also a one of its kind and world's biggest or largest walk through wardrobes.

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