Hyderabad: Parents get jittery as schools hike fees

Parents get jittery as schools hike fees

Parents get jittery as schools hike fees


To compensate their losses, some private schools decided to hike fee triggering worry among parents

Begumpet: To compensate their losses, some private schools decided to hike fee triggering worry among parents. A number of schools across the City have announced fee hike by 10-20 per cent, making the announcement to guardians.

Claiming it was no longer possible for them to run institutions on the previous year fee structure, the school managements have taken the decision. This is despite the fact that the HC direction to charge only tuition fee, as per GO 46 and 50 percent fee for online classes for 2020-2021 academic year.

Some schools have, however, said they would wait till the end of the first quarter and then increase the amount. Glendale Academy had already hiked the fee by 30 per cent. The new amounts were payable from the first quarter, confirmed a parent who received a message from the school. "Last year schools allowed monthly fee, but this year they are not giving the option of break-up for fee. In case of failure to pay, online classes will be de-activated." Said Shikha, a parent.

Schools, such as Silveroak International, are going back to 100 per cent fee immediately. They have hiked fee by 24 per cent for 2021-2022 academic year. "We have incurred huge expenses because of Covid-related sanitisation and upgrade required for virtual teaching. We have gone for 20 per cent fee, said the school management.

Besides,circulars are being sent to parents citing the reason for hiking fee---teachers need a good raise to make up for last year's loss. "We will not be able to retain teachers as we provide excellent training, mentoring, monitoring," read a circular from an international school in Gachibowli.

A parent, P Raghu, who received a message from school that hiked fee by 25 per cent, said "schools are hiking fee by 20-25 per cent for this academic year stating that they did not raise fee last year and lost 25 per cent revenue, in transport and food fee because of non-use of these services by students and incurring most expenses, as it may continue to be this year as well."

"The State government has addressed other issues, except fee. Parents are surviving salary cuts and financial stress. I have already cleared 50 per cent of fee. If schools are allowed to hike fee, I cannot afford it." Said another parent, adding that the government should direct at least 40 per cent fee relief from the coming academic year.

However, a member of the Telangana Recognised School Management Association said "schools will have no option except to shut down if they are asked not to hike fee for another academic year."

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