Make this Diwali a happy one for animals too: HSI

Make this Diwali a happy one for animals too: HSI

Make this Diwali a happy one for animals too: HSI 


Humane Society International is urging all to celebrate a noiseless and animal-friendly Diwali

Hyderabad: Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals for India but is also one that brings a lot of trauma for animals due to the noise of the firecrackers. With Diwali being a few days away, Humane Society International/India (HIS) is urging everyone to celebrate Diwali a noise - free and animal - friendly Diwali. Not just sound, but light and smoke emitted by crackers also disturb these birds and animals. Animal shelters witness a tremendous increase in the number of runaway and lost pets, who are scared, anxious, nervous, and often burnt.

Alokparna Sengupta, MD, HSI India said, "This year has been a struggle for both humans and animals alike. However, with Diwali around the corner and the mood upbeat, we urge everyone to celebrate the festival of light as it is meant to be celebrated – with lamps and lights and not loud firecrackers. Given the situation we are in, it would also be prudent to not burst firecrackers to protect our health and the environment. Make this festival a happy one by not bursting crackers or simply choosinf sparklers."


Keep your pets indoors and in a familiar room. Pets have a heightened sense of hearing, so the jolts and loud noises cause many animals to flee in search of safe haven. Switch on calming music or television if possible

♦ Urge people to avoid or to burst crackers which emit less smoke and does not create much noise

♦ Refrain from bursting crackers near an animal shelter or zoo. Noise can cause panic and fear. Pollution from burning firecrackers is also harmful to their health

♦ Take dogs for a walk during the daytime before the celebrations begin. Never walk them near where others are lighting firecrackers

♦ Consult a veterinarian if your pets are prone to acute anxiety or distress from loud noises and medicate with anti - anxiety or calmant, if necessary (only on vet prescription). Check their availability during Diwali in case of emergency

♦ If you feed street animals around your neighbourhood, shelter them in an area where they may be safe from the firecrackers and the noise

♦ Make a first aid kit in preparation for helping injured animals. Have a bucket full of water handy for emergency and for putting used sparklers into

♦ Keep contact information for local municipal corporations and surrounding shelters handy and approach them immediately in case of lost pets

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