Miracles can happen, says Congress candidate

Miracles can happen, says Congress candidate
Miracles can happen, says Congress candidate

Congress candidate from Hyderabad Mohammed Feroz Khan is hopeful of winning against the AIMIM candidate and incumbent Asaduddin Owaisi, and hopes that miracles do happen during electioneering.

Nampally: Congress candidate from Hyderabad Mohammed Feroz Khan is hopeful of winning against the AIMIM candidate and incumbent Asaduddin Owaisi, and hopes that miracles do happen during electioneering.

Feroz Khan, a young leader who rose to prominence with his social work, remains candid and outspoken against the MIM and other political opponents. After holding internal deliberations, the Congress asked him to contest from Hyderabad by offering him MP ticket. Party chief Rahul Gandhi called him up personally to take on the might of AIMIM.

In an exclusive interview with The Hans India, Feroz Khan said that his candidature was considered by Rahul Gandhi only because of his relentless social work. His role models are the poor people who work daily for 10-12 hours and the leader should possess such a quality, so that he can work for people without any rest, he says.

Describing the state of affairs in other political parties, he said people should think before voting for the other national party BJP and its leader Narendra Modi. "The only party which can remove Modi and BJP from power is Congress.

Modi is an international liar, while KCR is a national liar and MIM's chief Asad is no different. All these leaders would get gold, silver and bronze respectively in falsehood contests," he opines.

Khan asks if any vikas has taken place in the country, even as BJP has been shouting slogans like 'Sabka saat, sabka vikas,' in these last 5 years. While listing out the failures of BJP, he said the party had promised to give 2 crore jobs, put Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts of each citizen.

To unearth black money, it came up with the idea of demonetisation which disrupted economy and resulted in loss of thousands of jobs in formal and informal sectors. Rather than fulfill the promises it made during the 2014 electioneering, the BJP indirectly helped scores of businessmen who defrauded banks to the tune of thousands of crores and fled to other countries.

"Due to GST and demonetisation, all small-scale industries and middle class, lower middle-class people have been affected badly. Nothing is implemented, which was promised in BJP manifesto. During these five years, only hatred has spread as they are playing politics of divide-and-rule like the British," he noted.

On the TRS party rule in the State, the Congress candidate asks the people of Telangana state what KCR had done for them. "None of the promises like Dalit Chief Minister, 12 per cent reservation for minorities, job for every youngster, skill development, ease in provision of loans, judiciary powers to TS Wakf Board and transformation of Hyderabad like Istanbul have remained far from implementation. Ironically, KCR who spoke about Istanbul has not even visited the Old City at least once after becoming the CM," he slammed.

Speaking about the state of affairs in the Old City, he bemoans that though Old City remains the heart of Telangana, it even now looks like a village. Development is happening everywhere else, but the Old City whose pathetic plight remains the same for decades on end.

"For 40 years the Old City has been under the rule of AIMIM and still it is not developed. You can see that Old City does not have a good hospital, school, college or any job opportunities for youngsters. Moreover, no common man gets a bank loan easily in Old City, as it still remains blacklisted," he scathingly said of the AIMIM performance.

When asked about his plans for development, if he wins the Hyderabad seat, Feroz Khan says, "In Old City, the people are poor and the leaders are rich and if Feroz Khan wins the elections he will develop the Old City and people will prosper and leader will remain poor amongst rich people."

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