Needless honking will cost dearly: Cyberabad police

Needless honking will cost dearly: Cyberabad police

Needless honking will cost dearly: Cyberabad police


  • They have started a campaign with Rahul Dravid
  • A fine of Rs 500 for first time, Rs 1,000 thereafter

Madhapur: The issue of traffic jams is not a new thing but in a hurry to get a way, motorists are indulging continuous honking, which is irks road users. As mindless honking leads to irritation, leads to arguments and sometimes even fightsamongst motorists, the Cyberabad police has come up with a new initiative of stopping mindless honking.

They have taken to spreading the message through social media an advertising featuring famed cricketer Rahul Dravid. Cyberabad Commissioner VC Sajjanar said that mindless honking is truly a menace because it irks other motorists.

The ones honking regularly should understand the futility of such an act when the traffic itself is slow and jammed. He noted, "We are creating awareness about such behaviour and the ads are being posted through social media to sensitize people about the issues. Apart from it, we are also penalising such motorists.A challan of Rs 500 is imposed on first-time violators and for repeat offenders it would be Rs 1,000."

Moreover, there is also a proposal to impose Rs 5,000 penalty on owners for installing multi-toned and air horns in vehicles. The fines could be much higher at Rs 1 lakh in case of dealers and owners of garages who install such horns.

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