Over Speeding Bike Hits Safety Wall & Gets Killed : This incident took place at Balanagar

Safety first. Speed Kills
Safety first. Speed Kills

  • Man loses control of over speeding bike and hits the safety wall and gets killed.
  • This incident took place at Balanagar.

Speed, is central issue when it comes to safety, many people, do not care much about safety, until something unfortunate happen to them or to their loved ones. Individuals who drive bikes, must always wear a helmet, and also should control their speed. These simple gestures can save many people's lives. But many do not heed, a young man's life could have been saved, if and only if he drove his bike steady speed, he would have not lost his life. This young man wanted to collect his driving licence from the RTO, but while travelling to RTO office, he drove the bike speedily on a flyover and he lost control and crashed into a safety wall. He was killed in an accident; the above incident took place in Balanagar.

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