The dance of Joy

The dance of Joy

World Dance Day was celebrated at Apollo Foundation Theatre by NatyaSwara with a myriad variety of classical dance performances.

World Dance Day was celebrated at Apollo Foundation Theatre by NatyaSwara with a myriad variety of classical dance performances. Amy Kumar's students presented "VandeGanapathim" in Deshraag which describes the strength, wit and grace Lord Ganesha bestows on his followers. Swarapallavi in Raagamalika showcased the basic adavus andjathis.

This was the first performance by a particular group of students. The dance of Joy, a piece depicting the elements of nature interspersed with intricate footwork, basic abhinaya and enigmatic postures. The music is composed by Anushka Shankar.Cholkettu was a piece in praise of Lord Ganesha performed to mark auspicious new beginnings. The lyrics describe the form and concept of Lord Ganesh.

The dancer prays to the Lord to bestow upon her happiness, to remove all suffering and to fill her mind, heart and soul with peace. "Ananda Ganapathy" set in Ragam Puraneer, performed exquisitely by Samriddhi, student of Anita Peter in the classical style of Mohiniattam. "Karukare Kaarmukil" written and composed by the great poet Padmabushan Sri.

Kavalam Narayana Panikkar,is a piece portraying the joy and eagerness of a farmer just before the much-awaited monsoon rain. The dance shows the farmer's feelings as that of the joyous peacock under the cloudy sky and the happiness that the harvest would be good. The dance is dedicated to the farmers who are the reason for our food, a source of existence. It was set in Ragam Samantha Malahari.

Pushpanjali in Raag Naatai, was performed by students of Jyothy Reddy. The Kalinga Narthana Thillana describes the dance of a young Krishna on the hoods of the Serpent. Set in Raga Gambheera Nattai, it was performed vigorously by Tharishya Reddy, in the style of Kuchipudi. Next the students performed Manduka Shabdam, in Raagam Mohana, followed by Jathiswaram set in Raaga Atana, Pushpanjali in Adi Talam was performed by the tiny tots of Meenakshi studio for Arts.

Sri Rajarajeshwari Ashtakam taking paragraphs from the popular script with the same name,creates a temple like atmosphere, praising Devi for the Shiva and Shakti aspects of her divine presence. Rhythms of nature is a piece that was conceptualised, choreographed and performed for a fund raiser to help raise funds supporting the victims of the Kerala and Coorg floods.

Showing hope, love and togetherness in times of distress and turmoil, this piece depicts how when society comes together, we can build anything and everything without any bias of religion, caste, creed or race. Choreographed by the student's Bharatanatyam guru Nenita Praveen. Jathiswaram was in Ragam Saveri, ending with a fusion jathi.

The popular song, Kondalalo Nelakonna, an Annamacharya Sankeerthana in Ragam Hindolam, and Fusion Shiva Tandavam in Ragam Brindavani were all by students of guru Rama Devi. Sahitya Ramkumar, a disciple of guru Pasumarthy Ramalinga Sastry presented Ramo Nama Babuva shows a mother narrating the story of Ramayana to her child.

The piece shows the various emotions the child experiences while listening to the Ramayana. Upon hearing that Sita was kidnapped the child starts crying. The mother reassures the child that ram killed Ravan and they lived happily ever after. Thillana was A beautiful composition of Bala Murali Krishna garu, set in Ragam Kathanakuthuhalam, presented by Nagashree, a disciple of Yamini Kalluri, we had an AnnamacharyaKrithi, "Okaparikokapari" in Kharaharipriya. In this song, Annamaacaarya praises the beauty and charm of Lord Venkateshwara.

When the Lord walks gracefully, the camphor on his body sprinkles and as the Goddess sits on his lap it seems as if he is covered by moonlight. The glittering ornaments worn by the Lord join the charisma of the goddess and seem like lightning joining hands with the glitter and charisma. The program was graced by senior gurus Swati Mahalakshmi and Sabitha of "Saptapadi" fame.

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