Revanth’s tour creates trouble for commuters

Revanth’s tour creates trouble for commuters

Many stranded due to sudden changes in transportation routes

Bhongir: The Chief Minister’s recent election campaign tour in Bhongir town brought about a wave of difficulties for local commuters, creating a chaotic scene that lasted for hours.

The troubles began around 2 pm as buses were diverted from their usual routes, causing significant disruptions for passengers. Mothers with infants, eager to reach their destinations, found themselves stranded at bus stands due to the sudden changes in transportation routes.

Adding to the turmoil, private vehicles, including cars, flooded the area designated for the Chief Minister’s roadshow, turning the bus stand into an impromptu private parking lot. This led to buses from Nalgonda being redirected to the bypass, leaving passengers bound for Nalgonda struggling to find alternative means of transport, such as autos, to reach their intended destinations.

Those travelling towards Hyderabad-Warangal faced a similar problem, being forced to wait at the bus stand only to realise that buses were bypassing their usual stops, further exacerbating their travel woes.

Notably, tight security arrangements were in place for the CM’s road show in the town, which added to the disruption, with barricades erected and CRPF forces deployed to maintain order and prevent any potential incidents. Bhongir Zone DCP Rajesh Chandra oversaw these measures, while a team of law enforcement officials, including ACP Ravi Kiran Reddy, Choutuppal ACP Madusudhan Reddy, Additional DCP P Ramesh Kumar, ACP Kondal Rao, CI Prabhakar Reddy, and numerous SIs and staff, managed the situation; cops halted any vehicles coming to Bhongir.

Despite the tight security and logistical challenges, the campaign tour proceeded, leaving many commuters frustrated.

In the wake of election campaign tours, it is imperative that authorities coordinate better and plan minimum disruptions to people during such high-profile events in the future.

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