Vijayawada: Cops turn Good Samaritans, feed hungry labourers from Odisha

Police serving food to workers from Odisha in Mylavaram on Monday night

Police serving food to workers from Odisha in Mylavaram on Monday night


  • The Mylavaram police officials were touched by the plight of 150-odd stranded migrant workers from Odisha who didn’t have money to buy food and get repaired their broken down vehicle
  • The cops not only feed them but also get their vehicle repaired

Vijayawada: Deeply touched by the plight of 150-odd migrant Odisha workers, who were stranded near Mylavaram on Monday, the police served food and arranged transport facility to reach the destination in Tamil Nadu.

According to information, around 150 poor workers from Odisha, travelling to Tamil Nadu for work, were held up near Mylavaram due to breakdown of the vehicle. They didn't have money to eat food and to repair the vehicle. They were sitting on the roadside for help from local people. Luckily, the road safety vehicle driver Chittibabu noticed the plight of workers, who were hungry and didn't have money to eat food.

He immediately informed SI Rambabu and circle inspector P Srinu about the migrant workers.

The CI and SI decided to serve food with the help of donors. They made arrangements for food as well as to repair their truck. The local truck mechanics repaired the vehicle. The Odisha workers did not know Telugu and could not explain their problem to the police.

Some workers spoke in Hindi and narrated their problem. The Odisha workers were overjoyed with the humanitarian gesture of Mylavaram police and thanked them. The workers, including women, children and elderly people left for Tamil Nadu on Monday night.

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