Work on first stretch of Vijayawada–Kazipet tripling, electrification project starts

Work on first stretch of Vijayawada–Kazipet tripling, electrification project starts

Work on first stretch of Vijayawada–Kazipet tripling, electrification project starts


First stretch of third line project between Vijayawada and Cheruvumadhavaram Cabins commissioned along with electrification

Vijayawada(NTR District): The important third line project in the Grand Trunk route, Vijayawada-Kazipet tripling project, covering Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, has commenced with the SCR completing the works along the first stretch of the project between Vijayawada New West Block Hut Cabin and Cheruvumadhavaram Cabin. The third line works for a distance of 16.7 kms now stands commissioned along with electrification. The section between Vijayawada-Kazipet is a crucial rail link situated along the Grand Trunk Route connecting northern parts with Southern region of the country.

The section between Vijayawada and Kazipet on SCR falls in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. This is one of the busiest routes and witnessed continuous passenger and freight traffic leading to oversaturation of this section. To decongest this vital section, Vijayawada-Kazipet Tripling and Electrification project has been sanctioned at an estimated cost of Rs 1,952 crore for a distance of 219 kms (Andhra Pradesh-35 kms & Telangana-184 km). The preparatory works are in progress at all stretches in the entire section. Non- interlocking works has been taken up for 34 days in August and September, 2022 to conclude the works in the first stretch between Vijayawada New West cabin and Cheruvumadhavaram.

Accordingly, third line has been commissioned between Vijayawada New West Cabin-Cheruvumadhavaram Cabin for a distance of 16.7 kms along with electrification. This entire stretch falls under the state of Andhra Pradesh. As part of third line woks, one common loop line has been laid at Rayanapadu station duly dismantling two goods lines. New Electronic Interlocking (EI) system with 232 routes has been commissioned at Rayanapadu station, New EI system with 224 routes commissioned at Kondapalli station, while EI system has been modified with 47 routes at Vijayawada New West cabin. Commissioning of third line of this stretch will ease the congestion for both freight and passenger trains.

SCR General Manager (In-charge) Arun Kumar Jain has complimented the entire team of Vijayawada division and construction organisation for successfully commissioning the first stretch of tripling works between Vijayawada Cabin–Cheruvumadhavaram Cabin with electrification. He opined that completion of Kazipet-Vijayawada tripling project will ease the congestion in this oversaturated route and will facilitate handling of more number of trains effectively. He also instructed the officials to speed up the works so that more stretches of this section can be completed by the end of the financial year.

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