Lakhs ride pillion with this motovlogger – virtually

Sriman Kotaru

Sriman Kotaru 


GOING PLACES: Riding and relating gives thrills and kicks to Sriman Kotaru

City-based youtuber and motorcycle enthusiast Sriman Kotaru is a motovlogger with over 373k subscribers onYouTube and 104k followers on Instagram. A moto vlog is a video account of a place or event recorded by a person who has a camera fixed to his or her helmet. It gives the viewers a feeling of being the pillion riders.

At the outset, Sriman has been a constant admirer of automobiles since childhood. His father's Bullet has somehow kindled an interest in him for bikes. Trying his hands at various jobs and businesses made the young biker realise that they were not his cup of tea and that is when he decided to follow his heart. As he shares, "motovlogging is where I could voice out my experiences. It's a passion which turned out to be my profession, and guess what, I'm enjoying each ounce of it." Riding gives Sriman an eternal peace, he claims. It enables him to represent his interests in a responsible and a self-determined way.

Although he earned a huge following and fan base, he says it's the unconditional love from all the subscribers that motivates and pushes him to his limits to create more. "I like to spread positivity among people, follow their passion and follow their heart," he talks about the message which he wishes to spread. Talking about the risk factor in biking, he admits riding is dangerous and risky. He opines that the essential and mandatory thing, when someone goes biking, is to have proper riding gear and ultimately be a responsible biker. "Being a biker means you need to know about little mechanics of your own bike. So, when there's a breakdown or small electronic work or an accessory add-on or a tyre change, I do it by myself. In addition, we face a lot of climatic changes and the riding gets tough. But everything is worth it as it's an experience to relish," adds the motovlogger.

According to Sriman, the Ladakh ride has opened gates for him to explore more and it was this ride that acquired him quite fame. In 2019, he was invited by XBHP Great Asianodyssey along with 11 other riders to cover 11 countries for 15,000 km. He rode Bajaj Dominor in Vietnam, Laos. "The best feeling was to show our National flag in front of the Patuxay Monument," he exults. To the best of his knowledge, Sriman opines that adventure tourer bikes are suitable for Indian roads. "You feel minimal stress and it absorbs the potholes with ease and is very suitable for cruising on highways. Initially, my favourite bike was the Benelli and now I'm riding Triumph Tiger," he adds. Starting in 2016, Sriman has made many videos on motorcycles and his rides.

Conveying his message to fellow vloggers, he says: "YouTube is a very good career option. It is a wonderful platform where you get to voice out your opinion which is heard and seen by millions of people. Content is what matters more than the numbers." His next 14-day ride to north just began on Friday. Watch out for his thrilling accounts.

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